Your Best Butt Ever! Ballet-Inspired Workout, No Equipment or Barre Needed, At Home Fitness

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Join Kristin & Nico for a fun yet effective workout to tone, lift & sculpt the glutes.
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Azi Desai says:

Really enjoyed this workout..


Any recommendations for someone who has undergone a surgical operation Hernia Lombard L4L5 for stretching? Is it possible to follow this session for example. Thank you for your advice.

Mad Wez says:

the girl on the left cant do the same as you, omg the girl is wrecked she might need a chiropractic treatment

Mitch Rapp says:

Kristin might not want to wear granny panties when she's doing yoga in skin tight spandex shorts….

Fabio Aguirre says:

Wow soooo sexy