Yoga for Thighs Slimming & Butt Workout! Best Glute Workout EVER – 10 Minute Beginners

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Yoga for Thighs Slimming & Butt Workout! Best Glute Workout EVER – 10 Minute Beginners

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Amar é para os fortes says:

more Erica vetra please

withyou78 says:

Wow she needs to eat, i dont know her situation but please tell dr belonzi to help her gain weight thanks!!

Charlie Wallace says:

This is a hard workout!  I'm definitely feeling it!  Thanks, Amanda Jane.  🙂

Wilson Tredoux says:

This was awesome! Thanks so much!

Wilson Tredoux says:

Oh and she is such a beautiful women I have to say!:)

Will J says:

Is she anorexic?!

salliecinnamon says:

Love this vid and would love to see more like it. The pacing and explanation is great!

mark smith says:

She has no butt! Poor girl someone please give her a sandwich

Jurgen Heinrich says:

Little known fact, did you know that "targeting fat areas" is bullshit since your body cannot function that way? Blows my mind… I know

addybranco says:

i would really like to make her some cookies 

Melanie H says:

She's just hair and gristle. I feel bad saying that, I'm sure she's a lovely lady but I just want to cook her a nice meal!

Eddie Rivera says:

Great workout. Intense I was tire at the end my legs shaking, thanks for the video

Stephanie Pérez says:

she is the best,more of her please.

Persis Khambata says:

ouch, no sorry my lower back hurts! can't do this one, I might be doing something wrong.

Marlana Sa'raa Ramnarine says:

Doing this often makes it easier each day. Love it!

KpopLunatic says:

THIS IS SOOOOO PAINFUL!!!!!!!! After trying so many psychetruth videos, I find this most annoying because its so painful arghhh!!! Totally feels like death! Every tome when I do this I get so frustrated and wish Amanda would talk faster lol

Iman Thomss says:

Does this slim your thighs or tone them

Shannan Schisler says:

You can get the best workouts guide on Unflexal 🙂