Yoga for Flexibility with Sanela, Hips, Legs & Glutes Stretch, Back Pain, Splits, Beginners at Home

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Yoga for Flexibility with Sanela, Hips, Legs & Glutes Stretch, Back Pain, Splits, Beginners at Home

Sanela helps you get the toned glutes you’ve been wanting! This 25 minute workout routine targets the glute muscles to lift, tone and shape the glutes, trim the inner thighs and burn fat with cardio fitness, too! Great for beginners and advanced levels.

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin, Texas.

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Camilla Fetter says:

I loved your yoga mat! Where can I find it?

Angelic Rose Cutie says:

Sanel, I've got a question. By any chance does this help make the hip area wider? I've been trying to get my hips wider so I can have an hourglass figure and I was wondering if it helps because you have a very beautiful figure. :' )

Amina Rahmoun says:

Mervi sanela👍👍😘😘

Kristin Raymond says:

I have to thank you. I have done yoga with you daily and had bad lower back and neck issues. I also needed to strengthen my core. I needed back surgery but since I've done yoga with Sanela I didn't need the surgery. I also lost 20 lbs. Thanks again Sanela. Kristin

T R says:

Hi Sanela I'm down 30 lbs from doing 4 of your everyday🤦‍♀️I also stopped drinking soda which was a lot lol.was 169 now 139. I feel so much better. Thank you I love your personality and accent. I have a question. Do I do this stretch video every day?

Merete Langeland says:

Want more hips stretch , I love your workout videos,

Margie Jimenez says:

I have a lot of issues with my knees and I was told it’s due to my hips and IT band being so tight. Love these stretches, my hips definitely feel better after this session. Now if only I could stay consistent in taking time to do them,

Margie Jimenez says:

That is not a comfortable seated position for me because of my knees, my extremely tight quads and tightness on the top of my feet. What is a good alternative?

Omar Segarra says:

Wow! Just did ur hip stretch & it works pretty good👍 Do u have anything for shoulder strecth?

sheldon murphy says:

Would love to know the music tracks played 🙂

vikki quest says:

thank you sanela i have tight hips and this really helps and you have a beautiful voice

Dana Ula says:

thank you so much you are the best.

Steph Comm says:

I loved this workout!! One of my fave yoga posts from you ever!

Yiling Huang says:

I love practice with her. She is one of the best. She is wise and patient and take time to explain each posture. It feel really both physical and emotion after this practicing.

Bussara Rattanawavee says:

Thank you, you are a great teacher and so beautiful.

Desmarie White says:

What's the songs name I really like it

Mullassery Enterpricess says:

good arunmp

Anabela Matos-Geyer Konferenzdolmetschen says:

Hi Sanela. Thank you so much, got. rid of my awful back pain thanks to several of your workouts. Love them! Now I have a persistant issue under my left shoulderblade. Could you please help? Namaste and all the best! Anabela

Mother Earthly says:

Best stretch ever

Pushkal Pandey says:

After doing this workout 💪 my hips feel it's burn. Thank you for designing such an awesome sequence. Really very effective

Luna Morvran says:

Cat loves yoga with mama

Timea Ferreira says:

Hi, I have never done Yoga, but I want to try and I really like your Yoga moves. I am a little bit overweight and I would like to loose weight and be in shape. Please let me know how should I start and with witch videos of yours. Thanks so much I would really appreciate it

Meenakshi Bansal says:

Awesome lots of relaxation

Frances Thompson says:

Thank you so much, Ms. Osmanovic. I have had left hip pain for the past few years. After doing these stretches a month at 3-4 times per week, the pain is gone. You are a light🙏Namaste😊

Nusrat Shanta says:

Love you Sanela.

PsycheTruth says:

Want more yoga? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: