Victoria's Secret Workout, Butt Exercises With Trainer Justin Gelband, Fit How To

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We’ve always been curious about how the Victoria’s Secret Angels prep for their annual runway show. Lucky for us, one of our editors was invited to work out with model Candice Swanepoel and the Angel’s trainer, Justin Gelband. The secret to rocking undies on the runway? Lots of glute work with ankle weights. Learn the moves when you watch the video.

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stellashani says:

Im wondering…are we the same species with that girl?

Bohemian Chic Vibe says:

Someone on here said it right..Candice is a little arrogant. She seemed to half-ass the excercises & was more concerned about her ponytail& looking cute than doing a real workout! I watched this vid for the workout ideas.I find most of VS models too skinny& hardly an aspirational body type unless you're going for skinny & not a realistic healthy fit&toned look….*shrug

Helen D says:

Candice love yr body! U r the best model I ever seen 😉

Laura Wilson says:

Not a very good at listening to instructions is she . She is meant to be showing the other 3 girls what to do and he said ' I want you to keep your head down like this . Many people try it put it like this ' and he put his head right down to the floor to show what to so and then rested his head on his hand for what not to do and yet when they were doing it she had her head reseted on her hand practically the full time …

sarah pepper says:

Just doing 1 set of whole exercise i was feeling it like 2second in god great workout now im going do it every other day how may set should i do

nora4ten says:

Hi, how heavy are the ankle weights?

Natalie P says:

A lot of the moves are seen in Leandro's Brazil Butt Lift programme.

mackenzie frenze says:

How many calories does it burn..?

mackenzie frenze says:

How many calories does it burn..?

Diamond Ross says:

I like to work out in a gym and use weights… is it better for general muscle toning and specifically butt lifting and thigh toning to use heavier weights and do less reps or lighter weights with more reps. Or does it even matter? 

Julia Davis says:

I ate ice cream while I watched this…

kimayah smith says:

Do you have to have the ankle weight?

buffbuffy13 says:

OK exercises but this has to be the most boring instructor in a while – very dull, not motivating, no helpful cues.

Mai Vue Yang says:

My butt hurts!!!

Tasha Baker says:

Does this build your but because I don't want mine to get flatter???

ScarletRain818 says:

Love it! I will definitely add these to my workout routine!

jose orvalho says:

Candice seems so damn arrogant.

Lauren nicole says:

great exercises but terrible instructor, video production, and camera angles. Very hard to see what exactly they are doing because the camera angles are so weird. Instructor is boring and shows the girl doing the exercise for 2 seconds which is not long enough!

Ashim Ashik says:

Oh gosh the way they r doing is very bad. …as if he's talking to himself. ….

Catchy Canvas says:

How much weight to start with