ULTIMATE GUIDE to growing your glutes | Science based Pt.2 (+ full workout )

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WATCH PART 1: https://youtu.be/QpI-uUsC85Y

The ultimate guide and science behind growing your glutes. Covering how much volume you need, recovery, exercises, progressive overload, workout structure, Bret Contreras, rep ranges, sets, q&a, top tips, how to target different areas of the glutes, example of a good glute focused workout and more!

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Emma Piccillo says:

Part 3 please!!! Love it love u 💙

Elizbeth Franco says:

Party 3 please!!!

chariots8x says:

I would love a part 3 about nutrition!
Also, I'd like to know more about how a warm-up and how a cool-down routine should look like. What's the purpose of each and why is it important for us to do them at all?

sin23ish says:

How long have you been building your glutes ?

Nóra Csábi says:

It was reeally helpful! Pleease make a part 3 <3

Isabella Rose says:

How many times a week should you train your glutes to notice a difference? Xx

Sheyla torres says:

In spanish o subtitulado🙏

Ante Bosnjak says:


Izzy Wright says:


Laney Sunstrum says:

Please do a nutrition section!!

Funda Cetinkaya says:


I would like a little more info surrounding your workout guide, please advise if it is a step by step guide with all the workouts and does it include progression? As I am considering purchasing the guide
Also I did see that you have stated there are videos for each exercise, but what I want to know it, in the 5 day plan does it basically tell you everything you need to do that day in the gym with with video tutorial and a day by day progression plan?

Also is there any nutrition guide-as in, do you specify on what to eat daily? Weekly etc?


Sassouu Sasoo says:

If you have the correct form for hiptrust ..than proceed to them incorrectly …😳😳😳

Sandra Inkilä says:

part 3 please xxx

Sam Girl says:

Naturally, I have a big bootay…
I do legs 2 times a week, intense weight training on them. Yet, my butt and legs still jiggle alot….

Is this normal? I understand there will be some jiggle, but I feel like it's not decreasing..

Odd question, I know.

Alex Kelly Sheridan says:

Can you please do a nutrition video? It would be so helpful and I struggle sometimes with nutrition so I’d love to see that if you could 😊 loved this little series 😍 thank you! 💕

Alejandra Ramirez says:

Can you do a Warm up video please

Edith González says:

Hi, can you define what you mean by volume and compound movement? I have been trying to use context clues but I’m still not sure.

RunninFromTheK9 says:


RunninFromTheK9 says:

I’ve been watching tryna get my booty bigger ya diggg

Ye Xien Chong says:

Thank you so so much for the series!! Very structured and informative, I don’t find them long AT ALL (tbvh I will usually lose patience when I encounter long videos but this series is really awesome)❤️❤️❤️ loving your outfit btw 😆😆

Bela Fernandez says:

Part 2 is finally hereeee! Really hope you all enjoy the video 🥰 please comment if you’d like me to make a part 3 purely covering nutrition and diet! Love you all lotssss💜