TRAINING FITNESS STRONGER FASTER Warm up Streching Top Athlete Tips, Ass Workout, Bigger Muscles, PR

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Every person has different stretches and exercises they need to do to perform better and fixing imbalances, making sure you are injury free, getting your body ready to perform, keeping your body ready to perform. Staying injury free, getting stronger, faster, more agile, bigger muscles. Limber muscles. Strengthening weak spots, removing energy blockages. The psoas muscle is a very important and neglected muscle, if you are struggeling to build a bigger ass, stronger squat/legs, running/sprinting time, your psoas muscle might be tight. If you have back problems, anxiety and bad posture your psoas muscle might be tight. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Take time away from repetitive movement and strengthen the opposite. Stretch the overused areas. Let blood flow, take saunas and swim. Get massages and foam roll. If you have been hitting the grind, its time to hit the chill. If you have been hitting the chest its time to hit back, If you have been hitting the gym, its time to hit the pool.

KayEs says:

Great video bro 💯 just found your channel, keep it up

Korny says:

This is gold!
Can you make a video focusing on hips?
My hips feels locked and its hindering me working out the way i want, especially with abs and running