TOP 5 Strong Glutes Exercises for Females

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The #1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder Stronger Butt

A round, strong butt is the goal of most people hitting the gym, especially women. And even though guys won’t admit it, NO ONE wants a flat, weak buttocks….NO ONE!

These 5 glute exercises are hugely popular with females…we know this because we’ve worked with countless fitness models and figure competitors and these are their favorites for building rounder stronger butts.

Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS knows the butt very well. In fact, he’s spent the last year making several videos all about glute training, glute exercises, glute stretches, glute anatomy and below you can see a few more of his most popular glute videos.

He Knows Glutes…Strong Glutes don’t come from always doing “leg” exercises. They need some focus, isolation and targeting from other less common exercises.

Sure, traditional squats, lunges and deadlifts stimulate and strengthen your rear end too but if you want total glute domination, start doing SPECIFIC, TARGETED, ISOLATED exercises like you see in this video and you will absolutely see results.

Some of Coach Brian’s Most Popular Glute Videos:

#1 Way to UNLOCK Your Tight Hip Flexors (helps grow glutes!)

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