Toned, Tank Top Arms in 12 Minutes! How to Lose Arm Fat Workout for Beginners, Home Fitness

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In this video, Joy Scola shares a basic fitness training to help lose unwanted arm fat and tone the upper body.
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Toned, Tank Top Arms in 12 Minutes! How to Lose #ArmFat #Workout for Beginners, Home Fitness

In this video, Joy Scola shares a basic fitness training to help lose unwanted arm fat and tone the upper body. These exercises to tone arms can be done at home as fast as 12 minutes day to get lean, sexy arms and shoulders! This routine is great for men and women of all ages including teenagers.

The video can be done with or without resistance bands. If you want to learn how to use resistance bands.

Featuring Joy Scola, instructor of yoga, acro yoga and gymnastics.

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Marie B says:

Are you working the biceps too?

denicekimberly says:

awesome infinity band workout!! just did it for the first time and I'm confident that adding this to my upper body routine will make a huge difference for me! thanks! (also, the breathing doesn't bother me in the least – it just sounds like yoga breathing and it's a good reminder to not hold our breath while doing the exercises)

Alcove Yoga says:

This is exercise, not yoga!!

Lauren Nelson says:

Love the use of resistance bands, really felt the burn & am excited to practice these movements regularly! Thanks for sharing

Donna Spear says:

Awesome information. Love this. Thanks. I could follow along until the plank part. I'm only up to 1 minute plank, and it's with my elbows.

Aratrika Shipra Roy says:

Hey Joy what's the size the resistance band that you're using?

Taehyungs Potato says:

Love this!! There was a nice burn in my arms and I didn’t even notice how fast time went by! Before i knew it 12 minutes were up! Will do this again!! ❤️❤️❤️

sahiba singh says:

My arms is very heavy it's 14inch
How can I do 10inch arms plz give reply

Elusive Wombat says:

Can anyone identify which muscles she's isolating in these exercises?

Michele Napier says:

I Love this! The yoga breath is great. I really like the pace, as well as the resistance bands

love everytime says:

Thank you! This is a great workout <3 everyone who is hating on the breathing really needs to take a breath.

Mina Wang says:

hi do you interest in doing a loop bands video? If you do, please email me.

Pragya hangma says:

My bands get rolled up!!! Thats a nuisance…what should i do??

Sophie siber wolf 10 says:

Love to idididia Hahahahahaahahahanahahhaahahha

P Funderburk says:

I need wider bands cause the ones I have wont stretch that far. Darn!

Megan Te says:

May Jesus bless you. He is coming soon.

Zaneta Skiba says:

Why my elbows hurt when I do this workout? 🙁

First Last says:

Can you do this with the bigger loop bands?

tadas blinda says:

sorry,not trying to be rude but are you not suppose to breath out when is harder.newer seen anyone doing push ups and exhale when going down and inhale when going up.pleas corect if i am wrong

sella blah says:

i absolutely loved this workout thanks

big gil auto says:

Yoga is satanic new age thing scary

PsycheTruth says:

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