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The last episode is here! This is Episode #4 of my 2018 Summer Shredding Workout Program focusing on toning your legs and giving your booty a great workout!

All the 4 videos are up now so no excuses to not get started! Start now! The schedule is down below. For the workouts, it is meant to be quite hard the first couple of times you do it. Take a longer rest time if you need to and in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to complete the full version!

I’ve put together a workout schedule for your benefit to help you along your 8 weeks program journey.

You can find that workout schedule here:-

There is also a BONUS video coming up soon too so keep watch!

It took me a long time to film, edit and write the program so it would mean a lot to me if you could like, subscribe, tap the notification button to share some love with my Youtube channel as it’ll help reach out to others who may need this free program. IT’S FREE! Please share it with everyone who needs it!

Hit me up on Instagram @chloe_t or @itschloeting as well and #chloeting your progress photos as I’ll love to start sharing some motivational photos with the rest of this awesome community.


Good luck and do share how you go in the comments section below as there’s other out there that need a support group as well.


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Other videos in this Workout Program:-
EP#1 – Full Body Workout –
EP#2 – Arms & Upper Body Workout –
EP#3 – Brutal Abs Workout –

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Brooke Reinhart says:

Chloe, thank you so much for making these workouts! I'm a recovering anorexic and you're the one who makes me believe that strong is beautiful.

tweetie says:

Okay so I have a question. If I’m 12, 152 cm fall and 45kg am I overweight? Please be honest 🙂

Merk Juergen says:

Try very hard , enjoy it

T says:

I wanted to ask do you think is it possible to build muscle only at home without any equipment ever?

Santharam V says:

It is very effective exercise

Nicole K says:

Love this!!! Chloe, do you have a gym workout music playlist you could share? 🙂 Love you so much xx

Arsheya Kak says:

Damn girl….your body is goals!!!😵

Thư Nguyễn says:

<3 i need more video for this summer

DIY_Kawaii says:

Thank you so much for this!! I litterarky needed it!

Hanhchan28 says:

Could we grow butt by only exercises everyday w miniband but no lifting weight?

Normarys Concepcion says:

Just bookmarked your schedule…thank you!!

Lijun Zhao says:

Great job for butt work out! It motivate me a lot. My hip muscles are still souring after following your work out videos two days ago. Thank you so much.

Alysa xX says:

'don't even think on giving up' Giiiirl thank You cause I love circuit 1 but 2 felt much harder so I was like what I stoppppp but NO, U WHERE THERE TO KEEP ME UP

Anjali Rana says:

Ur videos helped me like anything..we need concentration n patience..n then..d abbs r der.. rewarding us for all d hardwork..

Hirra Ahmed says:

If i’m trying to get thick, should i do these shredding workouts?

Mari Mor says:

Planning to add a resistance band and ankle weights 💪🏼
Wish me luck! 🍑✨

kaki lee says:

Hey Chloe! I really love how your advices are always practical and honest! Like you I'm very, very quad and even hamstring dominant and I've been struggling, can you share some tips on how you shrink your thigh size while keeping the booty please? It'd be so so helpful!!

Cristina Ghanem says:

Chloe I love you and I've been doing your workouts for two years now. I love especially the legs-butt workouts but everytime I do it constantly for longer than two months my knees start killing me from all the jumping. And Im afraid the low impact versions aren't as efficient. Tips to stranghten knees or to really work those legs just as hard but without getting the knees of a 75yo at age 25? thank you 😘😘😘

keara aled asor says:

chloe this may be a lot to ask for but please do a HIIT Cardio workout for about 20-30 mins. 10 exercises 20 secs each, 10 secs rest and then repeat that whole set for like 4 times or 5 times. i saved all of your cardio videos and only one of them is like that ^. you dont have to do this. its just that im still quite slow and i find that one to be just right for me. thank youuu.

Manjistha Rawat says:

What a workout!! 💪💜

Lily Santos says:

Can I do this workout 5 days straight?
Someone answer me pls !!

Jennifer Richter says:

Week 3 Friday finished 😋❤️

Shammah K says:

Hi, Chloe! Is it okay to workout if you're on your period? If so, can you please post a vid for it? 🙏🏼

Madeleine Mandy says:

At the first half of the video I was like “well this is simple, I’m not sweating so much.” Then, after that I wanted to die from my sweat and pain.