Tone Yoga Butt & Thigh Workout For Beginners – How To Look Hot In Yoga Pants – Austin Tx

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Tone Yoga Butt & Thigh Workout For Beginners – How To Look Hot In Yoga Pants – Austin Tx

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Filmed at Open Lotus Studio in Austin, Texas

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In this video, Cindie shares a 20 minute yoga routine to increase energy levels, great for morning or anytime you’re feeling fatigue, stress or depression.
Cindie teaches classes in Austin, Texas at East Side Yoga.

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Nox Lumen says:

Day 2: I'm not seeing more tone than I get from walking. I am feeling less general ache right after a walk for the time spent stretching, and I feel like I can get a bit deeper into warrior poses, and i have become more aware of posture while walking, letting me work more of my leg and butt muscles harder, even getting a bit of work into my lower abs. Well worth going into day 3.

Nox Lumen says:

Day 3: maybe i can't see much improvement, but I can really FEEL a difference in my cardio from the added awareness of my posture. Now I can go for the whole walk distributing more work into my thighs and lower butt instead of mostly feeling the work in my calves. That distribution is going to show, and the extra sweat tells me I'm burning calories still without changing my distance.

Nox Lumen says:

Day 4: The magic has begun. All that extra attention to my alignment for both yoga and cardio has lead to a lasting posture correction. since I'm no longer standing with as much sway in my back, both butt and belly look about 5 pounds slimmer in profile. The pants don't fit any differently, but I'm seeing and feeling the difference as standing taller has become more natural.

Sheila Lawson says:

Thank you Cindie.

Kristy K says:

Great yoga workout!

Romelia Polly says:

You should go to Unflexal website, the best workout instructions.

Sara Steinbrink says:

Like another commenter, I noticed when I did this the second time barefoot I really felt the workout compared to having shoes on. This time my legs were shaking! Thank you for this video. I love this workout!

Behind The Curtain says:

Love your videos! There really is no reason to not do Yoga 🙂

Lunar Bunny says:


Hannah Truesdale says:

I love this!!

Arianne Rein says:

Omg!!! It's my 3rd week doing this and its really working. Thank you soooo so much!!!! I've tried exercise for the bum but it didn't work for me. This is the only thing that really helps. Guys try it, im not exaggerating.

hanna m says:

i feel like im doing the warrior poses wrong bc i dont really feel tired or anything from it .-.

David Maxwell says:

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Oliver Queen says:

I've been studying the subject and found a great resource at Yanas Yoga Results (google it if you're interested)

Theresa Mazur says:

In all honesty the low lunge/crescent pose & warrior pose feel more like a thigh/quad workout versus a booty workout. When she said to feel how tight your glute is on your straight leg during the warrior pose I did, & my glute on my straight leg felt relaxed whereas my glute on the bent leg felt tight. I recently did a power yoga sequence geared toward the hips, thighs & quads & it had these exact exercises in it. The only time I felt that my butt was getting a workout was during the bridge pose at the end. I definitely consider this more of a thigh workout than a butt workout. I'm not trying to be rude. That's just the truth from my perspective.

rudy D says:

It works just stick with it