The ULTIMATE Hot Body Workout for Flat Abs, Slim Inner Thighs, Perky Butt & Toned Arms

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Guys. I decided to mashup all of your FAVE POP Pilates Song Challenges into one full length total body workout. Can you handle? Click play and DON’T STOP! Here are the original videos in case you ever want to do them separately!

Abs All Night:
What Makes You Bootyful:
Drive By Inner Thighs:
Want U Back Arms:

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Filmed and edited by Brad Etter.

Top by Solow Style:
Shorts by Lululemon

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine’s Best Healthy Living Blogger.

Laizu Khan says:

I am doing this everyday since last 3 years. Best one for me for whole body toning.

Afnan Ahmed says:

this was tough damnnnnn, but my yoga mat kept making farting noises during the eagle abs whenever the curve of my back pressed against it lol

Mari Liiver says:

Thank you Cassey! Love your workouts and your positive vibe! ❤️ You are amazing! 😊

Rayvn Princess says:

How many calories do you burn doing all this ?

Just some random person says:

It's a bit late for my new year's resolution (and I also did this workout many times before), but I want to reach my goal weight of 45 kg this year. 😊❤️

Victoria Poirier says:

I love Pilates and weight lifting

Kylie Blackwell says:

i love the peas omg

Olivia Bartholomew says:

Actually loved this work out so much 💜

Fish Fish says:

Okay but the ad that my YouTube played in the middle was really disorienting

Tolu1994 says:

5 years later this workout is still a killer. 😓

fat0elle0thin says:

starts at 0:30

Sharon says:

This looks easy! I'm gonna try it!
Hahahaha who am I kidding? After the first move, I'm gonna be crying but it will be totally worth it 😀
Edit 1: I lied, I could barely even do the first move. That one was the hardest! Still, I struggled through with as much as I can. It's totally worth it. I'm going to keep doing it, God willing.
Edit 2: It's the second day. My inner thighs are sore. I walk with my butt sticking out because it's so much pain…

Katie Heppenstall says:

Please make a workout for kids

Asuka says:

Did anyone else notice the edamame slowly making their way out of their pods with every move? 😂

Tam Tam 59 says:

How does she do it without screaming in pain

Adrienn Meszaros says:

Just started this workout again after 5 years! Plus I had 2 babies under that time!

Ill keep y'all updated!

Debahuti Chatterji Talukder says:

Wow! She is crazy!

Fenneti Abdukarim says:

thankfully 2 ads came on while I was working out

Susmita Tripathy says:

Day 22 (1) 12.3.19
Didn't like the music in this one.. I guess she was copyrighted in the previous videos and had to use free music 🤔😅

Mahina Swan says:

Omg just finished workout…I stopped a few too many times but I love your channel! It's so motivating! Gonna try do this every day. Will try and give updates

Chadil Zwieback says:

I'm so sad i got a foot cramp at 10 min. ARGHHH

Amanda Zorrilla says:

2019 anyone?

Annette Lee says:

Cassie. We’re not gonna make it hard…
Me: Ok good
Cassie: …we’re just gonna make it REALLY DIFFICULT

Me: Wait wha-

Renn says:


jimin yoongi lover says:

i look forward to the day i finish all of these moves in the video