The Peptide Eye Cream That Really Works

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Close This short video features one of KESHIMA’s best selling anti aging skin cream, the Ultimate Anti Aging Eye Gel with Plant Stem Cells.

KESHIMA is a beauty brand that manufactures professional quality beauty tools and skin care treatment solutions. The company is popular for its top of the line products with excellent customer service.

The eye cream is exclusively formulated to fight dark under eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles plus puffy and saggy skin under the eyes. Now with plant stem cells, this anti aging cream for the delicate skin under the eyes has even more effective compared to its original formulation. With regular use, it is expected to bring the following benefits:

– combat puffiness, sagging skin, stubborn dark under eye circles, wrinkles and crow’s feet

– revitalize, soothe and refresh the look of your eye area
– with skin brightening ingredients

– specifically formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes.

– safe for all skin types, oil free, does not contain sulfates or alcohol.

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