The Kardashian Butt Workout Review

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The Kardashian Butt Workout Review

Ever wondered how the Kardashians get that big ol’ booty?

I collaborated with Fitness Blogger, Katie Austin, and we reviewed one of Khloe Kardashian’s butt workouts to see if it will actually tone your glutes! Watch the video to find out if it’s actually a quick fix!

Do this set of exercises 3 times with 10-12 reps each:
Single leg Romanian deadlift
Single leg kick backs
Single leg step ups (with kick back)

Katie and I will be posting a fun workout on her YouTube channel soon so keep a look out for that!

If you are looking for a fun and effective facemask check out my last video! This clay mask gives your skin a bubble bath. It’s so cool!

Thanks for watching and feel free to reach out to me on social media. @JessCarrollTV!


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justiceee A says:

kloe wants us to believe that she didn't get surgery by showing us her butt excersizes why in real life her expertise is probably her plastic surgeon

I don't mean it but, says:

You know what is sad about this video? Their butts ain't big.

NovaDoll says:

Plastic surgery. That's how…

katta salmiakki says:

jessica's waist and tummy is soooo enviable

Arlette_Fitover40 says:

the Kardashian have had butt implants! They haven't worked to get those shapes. stop lying to people

Lindey Coombs says:

They all have butt implants

Megan says:

The intro is amazing. 😂

Vane Marin says:

Yeah cuz it's fake? Wtf you white girls mean 😂omg

princess. matsu says:

Boiii yall got some flat ass😂

Quinton-Monroe says:

Y’all are seriously getting on my last nerves with the plastic surgery jokes

Maria Barahona says:

“ Serious junk in the trunk like that “ – bitch whereeeee

Dish and Dat says:

Khloe Kardashian Is Out Of The Closet:

Mark Fudoli says:

Jessica, respectfully, you look amazing just as you are. I cannot fathom this unhealthy attachment to "junk in the trunk". Slim and fit/toned will always be the most beautiful female body shape/image to me, and you have that in spades. The idea of surgery is even more ridiculous.

parker And Prince says:

Danm girls your butts are hot!

Culture says:

Yeah, its called plastic surgery.

Shay Moore says:

These are some hoes 😂😂😂😂 jk jk

Suma Suma says:

These exercises make your butts round not bigger

Teddy P. Gray says:

No wondering: surgery and/or injections.

Jessica Harris says:

Do one of lyzebeth Lopez's butt workout you will get great results if you want too she said you have to lift heavy to achieve a bigger bottom increase the weights do exercise that build not tone it's very possible

Aubrey Kinard says:

if they could stop twerking that'd be freat