The Best Pilates Exercises to Tone Inner Thighs & Glutes | Beginners Workout with Kait

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Kait Coats leads a beginners Pilates Class for the lower body. More Pilates workouts with Kait:
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Welcome to your Beginners Pilates class focusing on the thighs, hamstrings & glutes. This workout also engages the core to help you tone up your tummy and slim your waistline.

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bonabila bonabila says:

and please do a lot of ballet and sport videos .

Adrian Valdez says:

Ohhh my god…

tokyo japan says:

I keep getting bad cramps in my calves doing it her way.

tokyo japan says:

You see how strong her legs are. If she were to kick someone it would be all over. She has a great shape
I'll bet she looks unstoppable in heels. Lol. Great workout.

sharon B says:

You are very nice but your instructions are too long.

Warrior Tha Witt says:

beautiful body sweety <3 nice personality too <3 <3 <3

Ronald Bell says:

Now this young lady knows her stuff

tom riddle says:

nice soles and toes mmm

Bardock says:

Loves it your very beautiful

The Matt says:

Sit on my face please.

Baby Mammoth34 says:

Thank you Kait for posting this! Would you say this would be helpful for me as a hockey goalie who just returned to the sport who wants to regain my splits?

Eduardo Sánchez says:

I'd love to do some cardio with this girl.

Cyrano De Bergerac says:

Very nice sport for the bitches who wants to show her body…

Ellie Koch says:

I love this workout and the entire series. Thank you, Cait.

Greg Johnson says:

Wow,she's beautiful!!

luxe hidalgo says:

Oh my gosh . She's so pretty . I'm falling in love with a woman that I never met..??


Beautiful girl. Her smile is so sweet and disarming. I love her energy, delivery and presentation. Her voice is really soothing as well.


Kait, you should have been born in the twenties. You would have fit right in.

Zhao Jody says:

My favorite workout. Thank you Kait

Deathheads69 says:

Whys her pants so short

Daniel Stephenson says:

harder than it looks, thanks, enjoyed that

BEHZAD omidi says:

God job💦💦💦👙

Shabir Ahmed says:

Fantastic workout 👍

Alexis Kraus says:

I felt this the next day!

παναγιωτης γιαλαμας says:

a very useful lesson.

Black Charlie says:

I bounced between this and two other Kait Coats beginner pilates workout videos for about two months, in preparation for the more difficult Winsor pilates routines, and I'm glad I did. After only a few weeks of working these movements I noticed significant improvement in my hips range of motion. Now in my Muay Thai practice I'm kicking swifter and harder, and also aids my crafty'ness in Jiu-Jitsu. Thanks for these videos.