Testing What Exercise Actually Does to Your Butt

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Cassey and I investigate the biomechanics of butts. What activates your butt muscles more, running or squatting? How effective are bridges as a butt workout? How much can we change the shape of our bodies with exercise?


Creator/Host: Dianna Cowern
Editor: Levi Butner
Research & Writing: Dianna & Imogen Ashford

Huge thanks to Dr. Rowley for having us invade his lab for the day! You can check him out on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/kmichaelrowley

Dr. Rowley’s thesis on figure skaters:

Sports and Gluteus Maximus Size:
‘The cross-sectional area of the gluteus maximus muscle varies according to habitual exercise loading: Implications for activity-related and evolutionary studies’ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0018442X15000761
Meta-analysis 1
‘Twin study of genetic and environmental influences on adult body size, shape, and composition’
Meta-analysis 2
‘The Beneficial Effects of Physical Activity: Is It Down to Your Genes? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Twin and Family Studies’
Meta-analysis 3
‘Variability in the heritability of body mass index: a systematic review and meta-regression’

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Eahan Scala says:

Can i study you?

Limp Wibbler says:

Does anyone else recognize the DR from anything else? Cause I can swear on anything I recognize him somewhere. Which is cool, but now I am stuck on this.

SnoopyDoo says:

Diana, here's a TEDx video recently posted. The guy is wearing a black shirt but with a white spiral on it. At certain angles, the image is blurred. There is an argument as to whether the image is intentionally blurred to not show the text beneath the spiral while others believe that it is the inability of the camera to focus at certain angles where the foreground is white and the background is dark. Can you weigh in on this. Here is the video:


If this is a camera issue, we would like to know the physics behind it.

Jay Rathod says:

Most of the people clicked on this video because of that image in the suggestion box .

SirNutcase says:

You know what really makes me smile?

Facial muscles

Marco says:

1:32 my face when I saw the title hahahaha

smugman says:

Gloots for the Sloots.

YouKnow says:

How about simple walking effects ???

smugman says:

Your squats did not engage your glutes because you lacked DAT HIP DRAHVE.

JSSTyger says:

I clicked on this video for educational purposes.

Juan Carlos Oropeza says:

Funny story I saw the title several times but I wasn't interested on a fitness video. But YouTube keep suggesting it until I realize was Physics Girl. That I would always watch. That is why is important a good thumbnail I didn't recognize the girl on the picture, so I just ignore. Lucky YouTube suggestion keep pushing.

Justin Huang says:

try one legged squat as comparison – da pencil squat

William J. says:

Want to know what REALLY makes a woman’s but get bigger?

A wedding ring. 😂

Matthew Shields says:

Imagine initially how strange it must of been to be that researcher being asked butts.

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i’m a simple graduate student….