Slim Legs & Inner Thighs with Becca ♥ Yoga Workout, 20 Minutes At Home Fitness, Beginners Thigh Gap

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Slim Legs & Inner Thighs with Becca ♥ Yoga Workout, 20 Minutes At Home Fitness, Beginners Thigh Gap

Work your legs, glutes, inner and outer thighs for lean legs and slim thighs. A great routine for legs and butt lift benefits. Beginners level with advanced modifications to challenge you!

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Shayna C: says:

Where did you get your leggings? I love them!!!

maryem amri says:

can't feel my legs right now!!!!!!

Francesca Canepa says:

I love how dynamic your workouts are! This was a great one, hope to see more from Becca! Often leg/thigh workouts leave me hurting ridiculously bad the next day but this didn't feel like it was harsh on my body but worked everything out.

Bruno says:

Watch out! Dangerous curves ahead!

Dragu Roxana says:

I hope to follow another leg video soon🤗😘

Little Creators Homeschool says:

I love how you incorporated a stretch in between set

Kaushik R says:

Nice stretch and workout

Katelyn Shea says:

you forgot to do circles on the other side..

madhu sharma says:

background music is awsm

Alexis Kraus says:

She's beautiful! I just don't like when she says "kiss" instead of "touch".

xtal says:

Finally–a routine I can easily fit into my lunch break!

Chris Poore says:

Terrible form really, way to much rotation through hips in the quadruped hip abduction. Lots of hip flexor work , minimal adductor and abductor work. Lying on your side lifting your leg upwards is really pretty useless. Needs to be more slow controlled with emphasis on better alignment and focusing on taking your leg up and back to isolate hip abductors ( glute med) .Body needs to be in a straight line, not angled. I so love the hot girl workout videos who just use their looks to get attention.
TBH pretty weak hips and core. You're hot though, the physical therapist guy!

Ned says:

Bring Becca back please.

Snigdha Agarwal says:

pls wear long clothes

Despacity says:

Can you like stop talking about her fucking appearance? Yes she’s pretty, I GET IT

Priscilla S Ngwenya says:

You only did one side of the small circles with straight leg

Sanjeev Kumar says:

very nice video come to india email me i organise a huge class for u

cjm cad says:

Very beautiful woman, excellent coach, beautiful body and splendid cameltoe very desirable …

Ned says:

Cat Cow is the best exercise to watch.

Rhydian says:

10:28 What's up dog?

Duru Kulac says:

can this make a difference in one week