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Hey Guys! Here’s a brand new home workout to build and grow your booty (glutes). No equipment is needed only a resistance band.

Resistance Band:

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Monica Heartsgypsy says:

This is the best video I've found dedicated to only using the band. Thanks.

¡QueenBee¡ says:

Is this workout going to make your thighs bigger ?

Shelita Murphy says:

Hello. Mr London sent me here

Kayla Robertson says:

I’m 9 weeks postpartum is this safe to do?

Joy Eferetin says:

This is really helpful

Es says:

Mr London sent me!!

Yes to Your Will says:

Thanks sis ❤️

Yes to Your Will says:

Mr. London sent me as well. Subscribed

m says:

I just did this workout and my booty is burninggggg. I can tell this workout is going to be really good for me and I would really recommend this.

Annie McCarthy says:

loved it!! thanks babe!!

Darasimi biyi says:

Do you have to go to the gym to grow your glutes?

Mk Vodka says:

Thank God Mr London sent me here

BTW….love your accent

Yvette Goines says:

? Will these same exercise tone without building if you already have a butt?

Lana Rae says:

But these are the same as the activation excercises

Eris Tse says:

How long do I do this for

GamingBobaTea says:

Give me ur body 😭😭

Courtney Middleton says:

I just started working out like just now cause me and fiancée are doing a workout challenge while he's in army bootcamp and I decided to do this work out it seem like a light start out workout but when I tell you my butt and thighs are burning! This was a good workout for the resistance bands. I'm tired now lol

jami jami says:

will these workouts target hip dips too?

Fattie 2 BaddieTV says:

I very much enjoyed this ! Thanks !

nataleebfitness says:

ty for watching guys! here’s the link to purchase my new hips & thighs guide!🍑