Power Yoga for Inner Thighs & Glutes | Strength, Balance, Hip Mobility, 10 Minute Workout w. Myra

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Myra Shaikh teaches Power Yoga Poses to sculpt the inner thighs & glutes. This quick class is perfect for all levels!
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Iron Wrath 444 - Doomsday Yoga says:


Hector Maldonado says:

Very useful videos. Im trying to avoid surgery on a herniated disc by doing these stretches daily. Thanks

Richie Auger says:

6:19 someone tickle her foot and try to make it more challenging.

djamel djamel says:

very nice video

Anthony Rodriguez says:

Awesome video amazing workout

Albatross Breego says:

Are you following…..then form in the cracks of the 7 day Adventists to help recovery

Claudia Yoga Chandra :Tu canal de yoga en casa says:


Niki Pea says:

I’ll have to try this !

Toaster Strudel says:

7:24 thats a calf cramp waiting to happen…lmao still a good challenge. Water ia your friend.

Alexis Kraus says:

That was a great stretch!

prajakta sali says:

My body is really stiff….n want a very flexible body through yoga…to get it really flexible how many min years does it take??? Plz do rply…

EN says:

but is it possible to do these things with metal rods and bolts in your spine..? thank you very much!

Guess Who? says:

You have PERFECT balance

DarthVader20201 says:

She has a great figure

C Cassell says:

I was like, oh my gahhhd, it's BEEN 5 breaths while you were talking!

Brian Stackhouse says:

Love this workout


Thank you Myra!!!
Peace & Blessings

Saskia Pateman says:

Really felt the burn and it’s helping me work on my balance, thanks!

The Muse Babe says:

This was great!