Piriformis Syndrome(Buttock, Leg Pain)Sciatica, 2 Best Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome Pain Relief

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Best Exercises For Piriformis syndrome (Buttock pain and leg pain), sciatica. 2:1 stretching and strengthening treatment.

In this video Dr. Varun Wasil- MPT(Orthopaedics) from Sukoon Physical Therapy, Jalandhar, explained about Piriformis syndrome (buttock pain, sciatica and leg pain) is the main cause of sciatica. He also explained 2 special exercises for treatment of piriformis syndrome pain relief.

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He also explained following points in this video:
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Peter Lourdusamy says:

Why don't you speak in English. You mean for Hindi please only????

Tushar Malondkar says:

Jab may toilet ke liye bethta hu tab muzhe back may light pain hata he & already muzhe leg footer pain he

Sneha Dulani says:

Hello Doctor,
Is there any treatment for
3 years old bell's palsy.
Plz help Doctor.
I am suffering πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Vandana Yadav says:

Bhaut acchi information h sir, but ye exercise karni kitne time hai ye bhi bta diziye?

arvind yadav says:

Sir kya Physiotherapy ki excersice se l4 l5 s1 disc bulge and leg pain kV phle ki tarah poori tarah thik hota h ya nhi ya keval pain kam hota h kuch samay ke liye Jo baad me koi activity se return ho jata h

Payal Patel says:

Plz add wrist joint pain exercise

Payal Patel says:

I an suffering from knee joint pain reflect toward calf muscle and heel, slight numbness….. Plz share related video

Muskan Media says:

Sir mujhe pahale pain hotha tha leg me lekin ab chalne me problem ho rahi he to kya ab ye thik nahi hoga kabhi or ghutane me avaj ane lagi he right side only..but mere back me kabhi pain nahi huva

ramakrishna singha says:

Sir pronam. Thank you.


Sir plzz make video on cramps in legs.. Bcz my granny is suffering from severe legs cramping since 10 years…

Humaira Mehmood says:

Ap ka wtsap nmber nhi show ho raha

Raj says:

Sir plz tell….ye 2 exercise ek din me kitni baar karni hai??

tehal singh says:

Very good dear ! I have same symptoms. Please let me know how many repetitions of stretching required at one time ?

Subodh Joshi says:

Thank u so much varun sir

Vandit Shah says:

In piriformis syndrome the piriformis muscle is already stretched so why we are performing piriformis stretch exercises


Sir… Could you please make separate vdo for nocturnal leg cramps. And specifically physiotherapy treatment in the form of stretching or modalities etc… Highly recommended videoπŸ™.

Bin Eid says:

His usdad big usdad

vasudev vader says:

I want to discuss regarding this condition ….is phone consultation is free… ?