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We’re firmly into March now, which means your New Year’s gym resolutions are well and truly dead in the water.Β  Lucky – or unlucky – for you, we’ve started a new fitness series that will [More]
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Here are the machines you should be using to make your workout most effective.
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Really funny video from the Chris Rock show on how not to get your ass kicked by the police. I know they are other versions of this on YouTube but this one is
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Goalkeeper Arm Exercises _ Push-Ups, Pull-Ups & More Exercises
40 Forearm Strengthening Exercises for Size and Strength For Women and Men at GymDumbbell, Barbell, Machines and Bodyweight Forearms Exercises —————————————————————Full Beginner Workout Plans: https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x6cmakFull Intermediate Workout Plans: https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x6cmalFull Advanced Workout Plans: https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x6cmaoAthletes Workout Plan: [More]
It’s the 2019 Summer Shred Challenge! This is a 15 mins home based booty workout to help you get that round butt from home. No jumping and no equipment needed, great for beginners. Get that [More]
Disclaimer: As I have explained previously in my videos on here, you cannot change the anatomy of your skeletal system through exercise, ie. width of your hips or size and shape of your ribcage. Excluding [More]
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This guide shows you how to have a deep voice
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Firmer, perkier, higher. That’s your bum we’re talking about. There’s no equipment required for this hyper-focused turbo workout featuring Jennifer “JJ Dancer” Johnson. You’ll need: A Towel
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