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Hello guys thanks so much for watching! WHO STRUGGLES TO BUILD THEIR GLUTES? Here are my top 5 must do booty exercises to help you engage and activate your glutes!

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1. Barbell knee banded hip thrusts
2. Sumo deadlifts
3. Goblet sumo squat
4. Deficit reverse lunges
5.Cable kick backs

How to hip thrust & hip thrust variation video:

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Oswaldo A.R. says:

Pero que culazo :3

신정남 says:

Face is pretty and ass is pretty.
I want to kiss my ass ~ ♡

Nour Khemis says:

Awesome 🙂 I love that you explain so well every exercise. Thank you 🙏🏼
Love your videos , you look amazing!

Char says:

video literally doesn't start until 4:00 minutes in 😂


I love doing these exercises. The sumo squats used to hurt my hips but not anymore

Kristina Canale says:

Love these workouts and this video!! Keep doing u. Good inspo for my own channel so thank u❤️

Mariangelique L. R. says:

Hi Lucy! Thank you for your knowledge.

I have a question. Do you have any videos about exercises to correct posture. My teenage son has really back posture, and I don't know what else to do to help him correct it. Thanks.

jack harrington says:

Lucy your workout videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly girl 💪🍑👍💖😎💝😘💙.

Julia says:

Could you do an updated video showing a butt workout at home? With dumbbells and a band?

Kimberley Post says:

Love these type of informative vids!!!🙌🙌

Joselin Mgo says:

Thanks for the video lucy davis fit 😄i like your channel much

Natene Ogberahwe says:

Could you do a video on your fitness goals right now and what you're doing e.g. workouts

Natene Ogberahwe says:

her eyebrows are amazinggggggg

Marko Lazarov says:


Desiree Cruz says:

I always feel like im doing the cable kick backs wrong…like i can't feel the contact in my right glute…but i can feel it very well in my left. After i had my son, most exercises I did before feel a bit different. Any way to fix this issue??

blackberry84 says:

Yaaay that's my girl.

Angel Akujor says:

What to eat to make gains!

B G says:

What a butt! (3

Shine bright says:

totally loved this video, so much new info and ideas! I would really like to see upper videos soon since i love training mine every week

Ganer_gains says:

Loved this video girly !!! im so excited for your bands too !!! 😀 x x x x x

Alpha Barre says:

Ass so phat 🍑😎👍