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Welcome to day 02 of Booty Week!

This workout is all about the glutes and utilizing gym machines to get in an awesome workout! Using machines is especially great for those of you who are newer to the gym and do not feel comfortable using free weight but still want to work with some form of resistance.
It is a safe yet effective way to use resistance and work on movement patterns/form without having to rely solely on free-weight! Of course you will want to eventually build up the confidence to use free-weights, but it is a great place to start if you’re not comfortable just yet!

This is not just a great workout for beginners though! I love utilizing machine based exercises into my workout routines as well! You pay for a gym membership and everything in it so you might as well get your use out of it! lol

If it wasn’t already obvious, I am only using demonstration weight in most of the booty week videos! I had to film and re-film so many glute focus workouts in a short period of time on top of my standard training 6 days a week. So with that, demonstration weight was the safest and most reasonable route! Make sure you guys are using challenging weight for the reps and sets given like I always say on this channel! Don’t be afraid of the weights ladies!

If you haven’t seen the other Booty Week workouts, click the links below to catch up!

P.S- These workouts for booty week are just being posted daily this week to show variety, different fitness level glute training, exercises, and for those who have access to different equipment! As well as different training techniques. Use these videos as something to fall to whenever you need a workout routine or ideas/tips when it is your day to train glutes! Your glutes need rest!


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WORKOUT: Make sure to choose challenging weight for the sets/reps given!

1. SS Cable Pull Throughs
Low Cable Squats
4 X 12
2. Smith Machine Stiff Leg Deadlifts
3 X 12
3. SS Cable Romanian Deadlifts
Single-leg Glute Pushdowns
4 X 12
4. Standing Cable Hip Abductions
2 X 15 reps ea side

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phatty Quiroz says:

How are you doing these workouts ,3x a week? Or waiting until you are not sore

Rohit Lugun says:

You looking beautiful😍💓 & thank you for tell me how to use gym machine 💕💕💕

GoTeamCrush says:

The opening music sounded just like “I mow, I till” by the Redneck Souljers!

Justin Wilhite says:

are those the bombshell joints you're wearing?

Eduardo Sánchez says:

Those glutes are Hump day approved.

Erin Hausmann says:

I can’t even do smith machine dead lifts, my form is so bad and it kills my back

J Tan says:

your outfit is just stunning! absolutely loving it!! please do the gym outfit haul! i am dying with that legging!

Briana Johnson says:

Love the BOOOOTY WEEK VIDS !! , Is it possible to start putting in the description of where you got your workout clothes as well ?

Alivia Colebank says:

Your glutes are frickin amazing!😍

Kori Schlitt says:

Love it….as usual! Keep it up girl!

Little Wizard says:

I've just started going to the gym and I'm so bad at it, also I'm embarrassed to do stuff :(, tnx for the help!

Mr Maike Night says:

Linda! La Belle Dame sans Merci. 😎😍🤗

Mr Maike Night says:

Te amo! 😍🤗🤗

Gina Loveslife says:

You mean, I've never seen anybody use every machine!!!!❤️️

Melissa Freeman says:

Definitely trying this on Thursday’s leg day!

Mar E Mar says:

what time do you workout? There is never alot of people when you film lol. Thanks for the video.

Lunachick1023 says:

Ty!!! Did this wo this am. My smith bar locks too, many people dont address this.

Sylvia Cota says:

Thank you so much for this video!

TTeddy Singh says:

You're my favourite trainer ❤️

Denise Sahagun says:

where do you get those leggings ?! So cute!

The Jadyn Bennett says:

I tried the glute push downs last night and my lower back/tail bone area got so sore from leaning toward. Do you have any tips on how I can avoid that?

Mae Rose says:

We can’t my gym be that empty