Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

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Time to work on those legs and butt of yours in the third episode of my 2 weeks challenge. Everyone seems to be asking for a QUICK and short schedule, so I put together a 2 weeks schedule to help you get closer to those defined abs and to lose weight. A 2 weeks program is easier to commit to, and you can always do it again after you finish it!

Enjoy the abs workout guys!

Find schedule here: chloeting.com/program

☆2 Weeks Shred Challenge☆
EP#1 – 13 Mins HIIT Workout – https://youtu.be/2MoGxae-zyo
EP#2 – Abs in 2 weeks – https://youtu.be/2pLT-olgUJs
EP#3 – Arms & Core – THIS VIDEO
EP#4 – Lower Body – Releasing 15/08

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I love this one! Day 3 killed me!!

Vy Ha says:

I love you!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕 btw can you do a slim calves workout ? You have nice legs 😳

someone says:

Will this workout bulk your thighs? I just wanna have thin thighs with a bubble butt

Family Fun says:

Jus finish your workout, about to do your two weeks abs challenge. 😅😅😅👍

Satrio Utomo says:

So cute chloe

Nikola Červenková says:

I wanna die after this workout, when i will have 10 likes I will do this workout tommorow and 12 days next.

Janine Mortezo says:

Been doing your 30days hiit work out chloe!! Im on my 2nd week now and im seeing lots of improvement!! Thanks for your channel! 😍😍😍

Stuti tanaya16 says:

Thank you dear

lovelymickey176 says:

Hi Chloe, the links to ep 3&4 are reversed in the description.

I purple you says:

Psshh what do you mean I fall almost everytime when I do a lunge? Nonsense

Also thank you so much. I really love this workout and I love the way you edit it. You are truly amazing💜

just breathing says:

wow wow wow day 1 for both lower body and abs workout. I feel soo good. Today is a cultural festival in India and I ate a lot of sweets, I don't feel guilty anymore 🙂 Thanks a lot

M P says:

Hi Chloe! Is it okay to do this once or do I need to do two sets?:) thank you and more workouts pls!!!🙌🏼

Ceyda İskenderoğlu says:

Day 1: I didn’t finish all the exercises but i will keep going on tomorrow

saucyy 1 says:

I love Chloe ! ❤️
^^^^^ Like if you feel the same ^^^^

Kurroe15 says:

Just funished it… It was a killer! But it feels good! Thanks for the good work!

Jeffany Figueroa says:

Wow my butt is on fire

Natasha’s Teatime says:

Every like is how many rolls i’m gonna lose (i have 10k rolls btw lmao)

Anna Fusco says:

love this! can you please share where your outfit is from???

Melymel says:

Just finished this workout and the other one about arms and legs let me just say I never been happy for commercials lmao

Softcandies ' says:

chloe can you please answer?
Will this make my thighs thicker?
Cause I don’t want that i want to slim down my thighs and burn the fat

Un-filtèrd says:

I found this very easy for some one who is lazy, I sweated a lot I will do this for 2 weeks
Day 1: loved it

Soojung Lee says:

I cant do your actual plan bc I'm so out of shape, but your workout vids are my go to. Thanks for posting such great content~

—nori. says:

does anyone know where she gets her workout outfits?? they're cute asf

Daravy Hottell says:

Curtsy jump (30 sec)
Reverse lunge (30 sec)
Squat with front kick (50 sec)
Lateral lunge + toe tap (L) (30 sec)
Lateral lunge + toe tap (R) (30 sec)
Single leg deadlift + toe tap (L) (30 sec)
Single leg deadlift + toe tap (R) (30 sec)
Kick back lateral raise (L) (30 sec)
Kick back lateral raise (R) (30 sec)
Squat jump (30 sec)
Curtsy lunge + knee tuck (L) (30 sec)
Curtsy lunge + knee tuck (R) (30 sec)
Squat with side kick (50 sec)
Squat pulse (30 sec)
Rainbow (L) (30 sec)
Rainbow (R) (30 sec)
Fire hydrant (L) (30 sec)
Fire hydrant (R) (30 sec)
Lunges (30 sec)
Have fun! 🙂

candy says:

So this is how it feels like to have your butt burning… I love it! Just like how your workouts make my abs burn 😆💕💕

Hoor ul says:

You’re so cute