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Target your LOWER BODY with this mat based workout in just under 20 minutes! You will perform exercises such as bridge, bend and stretch, clam shell, quadruped leg serious and more!

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Debra Vogel says:

Another great video. Thank you for my Saturday morning workout!

mei ling says:

Hi. Could you let me know how many calories my body would burn after doing this workout? Thank you😍

Suzanne Vandusen says:

Karen, I loved this workout. I added it after a strength workout. I like that added core work. Thank you

Elayne Morris says:

🍃That was a wonderful booty workout😉 My tush is burning~ added some ankle weights 😕Thank u so much for doing what u do, and sharing your gift and time….I know I've said that before, but it is very much appreciated❤people should know by others that what they are doing matters, and makes others happy🤗 I am greatful🍃See u next video..have a safe and blessed week!!🐦🍃

Tikki says:

Ty for adding a butt workout program that doesn’t put too much pressure on the knees. That’s what I have been looking for. 👍 Would love more mat exercises for legs and glutes .. and maybe some cardio that doesn’t involve jumping or squatting 🤩

Emily Singh says:

Great workout 👏❤️