LOSE FAT from HIPS | BUTT | THIGHS with WOMEN’S Workout! BBRT #60 (Hindi / Punjabi)

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If you are looking for a workout that will leave you SORE for days?, then this workout should be on top of your list.

Targeting HIPS, LEGS and BUTT within 30 minutes.

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Day 1 or week 1

Day 2 or week 2

Day 3 or week 3

Day 4 ot week 4

Day 5 or week 5

Day 6 or week 6

Day 7 or week 7

Stomach Fat Loss

Legs/ Hips/ Thigh Fat loss

DIET for weight loss

Vegetarian DIET for weight loss

If feeling SORE due to exercise!

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Selectciti Mall says:

Grt job very helpful workout. Wat to eat after work out. I take one time meal a day but no result. Suggest me some tips 4 losing weight

Arya Purusha says:

sukhiji is sexy cute!!!☺😊😄😍💟💟💟

Divya Shetty says:

How many calories will be burnt after this workout?

Muhammad Waseem says:

Sukhi g u r atom bomb

Ashish Rana says:

Kya but butt lga rakhi hai. Seedha CHUTTAD na bol na bhai.

Aditya Kshirsagar says:

Bhai……did you inject synthol in your arms cause they don't look normal to me

Zain Abbas says:

Sunny bhaaa g you are very funny😍

Santvana Dange says:

Plz speak slow

Aaru Aamaya says:

you are too good but please say slow…

Zain G says:

Sir boys kay liya kn see video hai plz send me link