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Hi babies! This is one of my FAVORITE workout sequences! And it can all be done on 1 machine! So you better get to the Smith Machine in your gym and camp out on it! [More]
Rob Kardashian posts his first selfie in months, and looks great! Check out Rob’s comeback story.
“You’ve never Seen Low Impact Workouts Like These!” You want to get the most out of your workouts and you really love high intensity routines, but your joints no longer can handle the jumping and [More] Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano is told by one of his readers that he is the “most negative person in the fitness business”. His reply is anything but negative. Take a gander if you will…PG [More]
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This 7 Minute at home workout will help you get slimmer thighs and legs in no time! ♡ Combine with my 3 Day Detox: ♡ Join me for personal group coaching in Unstoppable to [More] In case you were wondering what went wrong during Jeff George’s tryout in front of NFL scouts…
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Whole body workout. Back workout, butt workout, waist slimming workout, arms toning workout, legs, thigh, abs and belly fat workout all in one! Full body baby! 👉 S U B S C R I B [More] fat — we all want less of it. And that some of it hides deep inside, around your inner organs, where it may pose a silent health threat if there’s too much of it [More]
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