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Loads of you have asked for it so here it is, a video that is designed to help tone your legs and keep them strong but not bulky. I have done these exercises all throughout my dance career and I’ve never had to use any machinery to achieve the look I want for my legs. I would love to know if you find these exercises helpful so don’t forget to comment below letting me know your thoughts and also what else you want to see from these exercise videos!

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Love and lean legs,



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Viewers must always ensure their bodies are fully prepared for a workout before commencing these exercises. The exercises in this video may result in injury if not carried out correctly. Viewers must take into account their own personal strength, flexibility and general health and consult a health and/or fitness professional if they have any concerns. These exercises are not suitable for those with any health conditions and such viewers should seek prior medical advice before undertaking the exercises. If any viewer experiences any pain or discomfort while undertaking these exercises, they should stop immediately and, if necessary, seek medical attention. Viewers undertake the exercises in this video at their own risk. Danielle Peazer accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage (whether to person or possessions) or personal injury incurred whilst undertaking the exercises contained in this video.

Amy Jennifer says:

I’m getting ready for track season so I’m going to work on this for two months

Weaam Mashal says:

"If at any point you feel any knee pain I advise you to stop and seek professional help"
Me: "MOM!"
This is a great workout btw👌

Delila x says:

I didnt feel anything uh

HERSHYaddict says:

I think the downfall of this workout video is because she moves so quickly, it's difficult to make sure you are performing each move correctly.

olga 1 says:

did this workout made her legs look that beautiful?

Loulou Lance says:

its been two weeks an no updates lol

fallenreflection307 says:

Been doing this workout for 3 days straight right now, haven’t seen any chances yet, my thighs feel more muscular and buff and I’m kind of sore the next day but too early to tell.

urmi shah says:

Can v perform this with ankle weights

Therese Matthews says:

How many hours a day do you do this?

Mey Lemba says:

I'd like to try but do we have to do all that as fast as you did? and would these moves tone your thighs too?


Can I do during pregnancy?

simysus 1306 says:

I really need some motivations. Can anyone tell me about how this exercise help?

Sára Boufala says:

Thank you for this workout! I really needed this

anne says:

GUYS DO IT PLEASEEEE ive been doing this for almost 2 months and wtf the results are just amazing im so glad i didnt give up

Ivonne says:

i have chicken legs, is this a workout that wold help me? Someone let me know pleaseeee

monroe444444 says:

I love everything about this video. Your cuing is perfect! Thank you so much!

May Heart says:

Yes in my head I am doing it

Toufeeq 0312 says:

wow nice danielle…

Shreya Sarojkar says:

This exercise do also add muscles???

Jason Williams says:

You are so sexy! Thanks for sharing your video's.

Sofia Summer says:

Your legs are medium bulky….kinda misleading

Isabella Santelli says:

My legs were shaking after

Jenna Sais Quois says:

Plyometrics make my thighs bulky as hell. This should be better for me.

Also cardio helps my legs slim down quick, especially dance cardio.

Not see Trump says:

1:20 – keep your knee over your toe ??? Is that not a red flag 🚩 for a knee injury? Just asking!!! 🤷🏻‍♂️. I was thought the opposite