Leg & Glute Workout for Beginners | 20 Minute Home Fitness Routine with Dena, Bikini Body Part 3

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Lean, Strong Legs Workout for Beginners | How to get Strong Legs at Home, with Dena

In this video, Dena Maddie shares a basic fitness training to tone and strengthen the legs for strong quads, great glutes and shapely sexy stems! This is Part 3 of Dena’s Bikini Body Legs Series!

Part 1:
Slim Thigh & Glute Lift Leg Workout for Beginners, Get Fit Dena Maddie! Bikini Body Fitness Training

Dena’s Website: http://todayiwillbefit.com/

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I'm boxing - artem lobov says:

she is great

Magnus Tungata says:

+Psychetruth when are we going to see some new videos of Christen Renee? 😊

rap101ism says:

ahh she's so sexy

tdreamgmail says:

Dena. You're hot.

zerus says:

Dena, if your partner makes you cry, keep me informed! I take care of him

you are beautiful woman!

Moodyحسناء Moosyالقطاطي says:

الله يهديكي يادينا

1rebelblood says:

Quick question, when in the squat pose, is it a good thing to bounce a lil bit to activate the burning quicker? or is the burning not a good burn?

Alexander Tsang says:

Never say never Dena 😛

Sandra J. says:

I can't believe I'm sweating like a sauna after doing this xD

Joey Enright says:

Looking for the workout calendar and cannot find it !
Anyone help??

Charlie Wallace says:

If anyone knows how to get strong legs, it's you, Dena! Great legs! ~_~

Shwetha Parshi says:

way toooooooooo slow….. could have faster instruction and less talking. since there is already a good demo.

Evan Faraday says:

I did this workout and I feel amazing. Dena has the best workouts. Keep up the good work Psycetruth.

Cindy Harriman says:

too much talking.

valomile says:

I love your videos, Dena!

xdinglemeyerx says:

As pretty as Dena is, I don't just sit and gawk. Her workouts are my fave. With that said, the link at the end for part 3 doesn't go to that video. Is it still unreleased?

Egor Lisitsa says:

If you want you can learn from woopep guide how to do diet correctly.

PsycheTruth says:

Want more? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruth.vhx.tv