Lean Ballerina Legs with Kat! 15 Minute Ballet Workout for Inner Thighs & Glutes

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Learn how to sculpt your legs & glutes at home with this quick workout video designed to give you lean, beautiful legs!
♥ Watch the FULL Ballet Body Sculpting Course: https://www.amazon.com/Splits/dp/B07CMMY7PV/

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader & Professional Dancer, Kat Rogers, is here to help you get lean, strong ballerina legs, lift the butt and tone the inner thighs!

♥ Watch the FULL Ballet Body Sculpting Course: https://www.amazon.com/Splits/dp/B07CMMY7PV/

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Jeffrey Riley says:

Some women mesmerize me. This one enslaves me.

george mcelroy says:

Making exercise fun again.

Logen M says:

Gosh damn why are thigh high socks so sexy?

TonyDracon says:

i jerked off so hard 😉

Gum Arabic USA says:

What do you know about Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Eduardo Sánchez says:

Sexyness overload!

Tom Ed says:

Leg warmers on her really go together 😍

Darren Tocchet says:

Kitty doesn't seem very interested.

Large Pizza says:

Clam chowder

D C says:

I was warming up my shaft until a bunch of white stuff shot out. If that normal? Cause afterwards, the swelling there went down

gulatina diktator says:

size feet pointe balet  slippers

Tich Byte says:

Lift-cat-on-chair pose at 9:13 is my favourite

marsenmoon says:

Loose the chewing gum , makes a girl look ordinaire

PelegoRecords says:

Hey, Kat, I think we know each other from UT Dallas! 😇

xtal says:

great workout. I'm feeling the burn and actually got my cardio in today. thanks!

dmace81 says:

12:49 Your welcome


I love Kat.

Rob C says:

This lady's so sexy.

Nick Gunsteen says:

My middle leg is now all stretched! Thanks for that.


I know the most men looks at her body – but i think she has the cutest smile i ever saw🥰😘

Relax Bro says:

This woman is perfect! It's unreal 🤔

nakea simone says:

this workout is going to pair well with my yoga workouts.

Michael Richards says:

Yay it's you Kat!

Anthony Rodriguez says:

Amazing workout awesome video

Norma Leigh Naughty says:

Pretty sure most fitness videos, commercials, the wind… pretty much anything makes guys dicks hard. And it's supposed to be flattering when you let us know and we're supposed to be grateful otherwise we get called stuck up bitches. So don't get upset when we exploit that fact.