Kim Kardashian Reveals Butt Workout

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Kim Kardashian reveals what she does to get a booty like she has! lmfao…ok

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Obese Fat Burning Program
Beginner is an at home workout!

12 Week Training Program

The butt documentary!

Brittany Nicole says:

My teeth.
I was born with extra teeth and without teeth. I need two dental implants and braces…

j__ r__ says:

Your joker impression is sooo good 😂 you’re so funny!

Ababy says:

Hi, love your content but the costumes are kind of annoying. I love your natural look.

Muftitufti says:

just squat, fuck me, people will do anything to avoid working out

A.L. Valle says:

The worst part of lying about surgery whether it’s implants, injections, fat transfer or whatever, is that women think these celebs achieved the look in the gym, realize they can’t do the same, and instead of finding a legitimate surgeon, go underground and find a shady back-room clinic where they get who-knows-what and end up with infection or even death.

Why can’t Kim and Instagram models just say I went to such and such a doctor here’s the name and location, and promote the business a bit? People will go get that procedure from someone who’s upstanding and less risky.

A. Lu says:

Fat vaginas, I can't see being a look. However, the whole toxic and scientifically false assumption that the vagina should be tight, more that might start some new popular procedure to tighten it.

A. Lu says:

If I could change anything about my body, I'd make my torso into a storage space/cooking appliance like Bender Rodriguez from Futurama.

Bla Bla says:

You as the Joker is my new girlcrush
love the vibe

Faded Tangerine says:

Lmao is this English language paper 2 last question?????

Christina Scafuto says:

Happy birthday Michelle and Mrs. McDaniel! My stomach is the part I want to change.

William Freeze says:

Love the cosplay!

Pumpkin’s Nail Station says:

Happy birthday girl love your videos and how spunky your personality is 💖

GaymerLeon says:

Gym part is mostly for show, we all know its surgery.

Jeddy Bear says:

It's not uncommon for male competitive gymnasts have that rib surgery.

MalevolentJoe says:

Oh my god, did you just get a sponsored?!!
I've never been proud of someone because they got sponsored.
Today is a weird day..

Jonathan Brooks says:

Happy Birthday

Monkey B says:

You should cosplay the grounders from a show called the 100

Kegne kenkai says:

I read somewhere that Kim K actually didn't get implants but she has a skin condition and she has to get the medication injected. Now like diabetes medication, you have to inject them into the fatty tissue to prevent any blood deseases. So she chose her bum which would explain the dimples and cellulite she has all over her butt. Most butt implants make the butt look plump with no or minimal cellulite and she probably get everything polished clean instead to rely on photoshop.

Jessi Moomoo says:

Happy belated birthday why are a lot of my favorite people Cancers/June babies? Anyway hope you enjoyed your day!!!

Natasha Gabriel says:

I would change my feet

Don Peek says:

Girl you're crazy 😂😂 😂

CrissyAlwaysSunny says:

No hate but if your butt is stacked on legs that didn’t build the butt, it just looks weird

Klara Kent says:

Your puppy dressed like Harley haha

My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You says:

Yoshi: o.0