Killer Leg and Butt Exercises with Brooke Burke – Workout Wednesday with ModernMom

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Brooke Burke and her trainer Greg Joujon-Roche share two great leg and butt sculpting moves! Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

Brooke Burke and celebrity trainer Greg Joujon-Roche walk us through some simple and effective work-out moves to strengthen and tone your bottom half. They’ll share two great leg and butt sculpting moves – the Lunge Kick and the Criss Cross Squat.

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Prachi Y says:

you ladies are doing gr8 job. I love all your videos.
simple…..short…….and helpful.
take care.

Anne Pambid says:

This was great! Thank you!

TheSparklingGypsy says:

loving the workout videos awesome job 😉

Helen Cruz says:

♥ Awesome workout videos! Keep 'em coming ♥
Brooke please give us the info of the DVD series, I would like to check it out.

Mervat Abdel Samie says:

They are a great movement and very easy.

Mario B says:

The guy is wobbling and slipping all over the place. Not a smart move to wear socks on a slick service.

345katie says:

love this workout!

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Candice Youhanna says:

So excited to have found this!
I do have a question though?? There are so many videos, how do I know which to do first and how many videos to do in one day? I know I read somewhere Brooke that you work out 5 days a week, but how long for and which videos would I choose form?
Thanks so much!

Romana Angersbach says:

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