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Hey guys! This workout is super intense and really tones your ABS, LEGS and BOOTY! If you guys want more workout videos lmk! Also if you want the photo or have any questions feel free to dm me on INSTAGRAM!


SNAP: gabby_whited


Jasmine Yascaribay says:

Does this actually work??

Shannon Bellamy says:

Okay I started Day 1 today (March 23) I'll try to keep going and keep everyone updated but who can actually accomplish that without life getting in the way? I'll do my best tho!

Day 1: Pretty difficult. I had kind of a large lunch/ dinner so it was hard to keep everything down ya know? I had to pause and breathe a few times but overall it wasn't too bad!

Saudy Rodriguez says:

U give me so much confidence

suga got no sugar says:

So where is the playlist of songs??

Shahad says:

can someone help me? i’m 12 and i weight 51 lbs. i’m 4’11 but i don’t think that makes any difference. i always try to workout and stuff but i’m scared i might wright more since i’m doing this at a young age. any help?

Bella 087 says:

Guys I started yesterday and I already feel different my belly feels tighter and looks a tiny tiny bit better Imma keep going for like 4 week hopefully wish me luck!!!!!!

Ambar Doyle says:

i love your workouts!!! but sometimes maybe you do 10 reps on a leg and then 20 on the other leg, you should count and do the same on each!

Crystal Morace says:

I'm watching this in bed right now, promising myself I'll get started on Monday. I'm making a playlist and going to do your exercises every day. Here's to hoping I don't give up, lose weight, and get a great body! I'll update if anything changes! 😀 Good luck with your journey!

iiCouchPotato says:

my butt hurts from watching this

Shanik Riley says:

This workout is amazing I've been doing it for about 5 days and I see amazing results in my stomach,legs,and my butt. Thank you Gabby❤️

Rina G says:

girl….. imma have to come back to you when i'm in a little bit of shape lmao