Intense Glute Strength Yoga | 20 Minute Workout with Jess for Beginners, Tone & Butt Lift

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Glute Toning Total Body Yoga | 20 Minute Yoga Class with Jess for Beginners, Tone & Butt Lift

Follow along with this yoga workout to tone and lift the glutes as well as building strength and flexibility in the legs, arms, core, abs and back.

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Connie Saver says:

You are my favorite! Thank you 😊

patricia mildred says:

Wookw Oviya is in…. love you darling gal😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤔

Sarah Schlosser says:

whoa Im out of shape this is hard!

anon1215 says:

FYI to anybody who is thinking of donating to this channel's patreon…they do not honor their promised rewards to those who donate at the higher levels, and they are very rude when you call them out on it. I know this comment will be gone as soon as they see it but if I can save just one person from wasting their money on this ungrateful channel then I'll be happy. You have been warned.

Monya Shnipelson says:

Where is Sanela?

Timo K. says:

Where is Sanela? Miss her videos. 🙁

ymadub says:

Great, quick class! I worked up a bit of a sweat, and felt great afterwards. I'm actually going to go for a nice, long run now. Thank you for such clear cues and a fast-moving flow. 🙂

Мурзик Гав says:


Rose love says:

This was definitely challenging I loved it

Claudia Yoga Chandra {Tu Canal de Yoga en casa} says:

Muy buena la clase compañera. Namasté 🕉❤

Taylor-Chanel Fisak says:

Can you do. A full upper arm strength video please????

Malkia says:

One minute in and my rass about to fall tf over -_-

shery A says:

I enjoy! Thanks:)

Alex Crice says:

Does this workout also help build the glutes

Busie Hadebe says:

That was great Jess

Laura G. says:

Jess, you are my absolute favorite yoga instructor! I do your videos every day and they're great after a long day of sitting at my desk. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and for being such an inspiration!!! KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS!!

angel herrera says:

verry nice darling

jorge Porfirio says:

This video makes me horny!!