Inner Thigh Gap Clarity Workout at Home For Women 10 Minute Fitness Training Routine

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Donnie shows you how to tone thighs to create more inner thigh clarity in just 10 minutes!
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Inner #ThighGap Clarity #Workout at Home For Women 10 Minute Fitness Training Routine

Get your inner thigh gap with this how to get a thigh gap video. Donnie shows you how to tone thighs to create more inner thigh clarity in just 10 minutes! Join in on the #exercise routine and blow the thigh gap challenge out of the water!

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kof ola says:

Ugh. So glad this disgusting trend is a thing of the past. Why do women even listen to all those homosexuals.

Vedangi Sharma says:

I'll definitely try it today in my workout session

Lucile Coves says:

Thank you this is a great workout, proud that i actually managed to do it until the end !!

Chmurkova 12344 says:

I love that 💕

anna marie says:

This video has been KEY to me for years. I started doing it in 2016 like twice a week, I don't go to the gym and those are the only muscles I have lol but trust me it WORKS. you can check my insta account, I don't really upload pictures of my legs but here's one that it can be seen (i think) GOOOOO FOR IT. Now I'm doing it everyday.

Dora Nguyen says:

I collapsed at 4:11

Stephanie MB says:

Why you always have to bring on board something about your personal life?

꽃사슴 says:

오늘부터 시작이다
4월 10일 1일차

BANANA says:

My thighs were LITERALY on fire!!

Avery Elmore says:

You sure you got a thigh gap? 🤥😬

Avery Elmore says:

This helps more than other exercises i see.

Mariana Dominguez says:

Is it normal that the muscle attached to the tibia hurts?

Shivani Chimnani says:

This exercise has really made my legs stronger. Thanks, Donnie 🙂

Shannon Kelley says:

I have really muscular legs and I don’t want that will this work

nouf َ says:

I literally just cried while doing this workout

juliana mccay says:

Love this video. Come back to it all the time. It’s just so hard

PsycheTruth says:

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