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Vuyiseka Mpongoshe says:

Nice video guys.

K*Ships in K*Chups says:

First tool:Have a toned and define butt to start with

Carol Hophine says:

I gat very big booty problem is big belly hope next time u do how to trim big belly

tiafa mohamed says:

Hhhhh 5:59 is very funny

BeepBop Boop says:

Congrats to everyone who made it through the video without being hypnotised by Nakas body goals. True heroes


enjoyed 😊😊😊😊

Queen Bokamoso says:

My favorite couple 💓🇿🇦😘😘

kgadi mmatli says:

I love u guys….u look good n u exercise together! That's sweet….😍😍😍😍😍

Janiyah Aboagye says:

Ha I knew you would come through love ya naka

Mary Laville says:

Good workout one of them you Dobie ty it in the gym

tinah lovelyne N says:

Naka love your bums plus legs

mary mary says:

Was really helpful.. Thank you my best couple… Love you and please grow stronger…

shreya kadam says:


Winjoy Ntinyari says:

Naka💞and Dom💟💝

Winjoy Ntinyari says:

Couple goals💑😍😍

Camille Taylor says:

My butt is fully grown. Lol
What I need is a flatter stomach.😀

Dieunie Lamarre says:

Yayyyyyy thank you so much for this video 😚😗😚
Naka and Dom are the best . i vote for more video like this.

Refiloe Kotu says:

Can somebody look at me the way Dominique looks at Naka 😍😭😭💔

Ali Ali says:


Wilbert Chidakwa says:


magret theresia says:

Thanks guys I will also work on my butts

Sara meire says:

Lindos 😍😍 adorei o vídeo❤

Thembelihle Shube says:

I miss going to the gym with my boyfriend now😭. This is a great video ❤️

Fatouma Lo says:

Looooove you guys! ❤ 🇿🇦

Abdi Hodan says:

I'm new guys 😘

Reeja Joseph says:

Do how many times dom kiss naka per day ? 🤔

علي علي says: