How to get a bigger butt & ACTUALLY get results | GLUTE ACTIVATION

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GLUTE ACTIVATION is absolutely KEY to growing your glutes! This is how you will get a bigger butt and ACTUALLY get results. Follow this glute activation routine before leg day / your next booty workout.

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Alondra Tovar says:

Love you so much Vicky ♥️😍 thank you for all your videos they actually work ! Your an inspiration, am a mom of two babies and have a little baby fat (pooch) can you please do a video how to flatten it and get rid of if please 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Joules Opia says:

I love the information in your videos but the echo in this and certain other videos make them nearly unwatchable.

Rhjean Vital says:

I've been working out for over a year now, and honestly, I've never known the importance of doing glute activations until, about last month. It really takes a lot of time to get results because we still have a lot to learn. I just started doing them last month before doing a few sets of compound weights.

RoZe KaSuGa says:

I have a very lazy butt. Hopefully this workouts can wake them up! !

Frances Keller says:

Less is more100% girl! Thanks Vic❤️❤️

Nyachwo Brenda says:

This is exactly what I do these but I always feel some pain in the butt the next day

Evelyn Garcia B says:

XOXO. its soooo freaking funny when your guys walks in your vids….. hilarious . love ya girl. xoxo

c0candy says:

Hey, I’ve been watching your channel and I want to follow your tips; but all the supplements (bars, bcaa, etc) are full of artificial sweeteners. What is your position on that, because are a lot of studies that show the connection between these sweeteners and cancer…

Katherine Barrenechea says:

This makes so much sense.. thanks for the awesome tips and demonstrations! Btw love your living room decor. Would be amazing if u did an apartment tour for your next video? 😁

Cristy Escaño says:

Hi babe, just wanted to know your fav protein bars. Would really love to try those. Thanks for quick response.

Steph Efe says:

These post – workouts are really dope I do that a lot when I start my workout routine for the day.. Vicky justiz content is the best.. I also have some booty growth tips on my channel (Steph Efe) .. You guys can check it out