Hourglass Abs Workout 🙋‍♀️Lose Muffin Top & Love Handles | 10 Mins

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This is episode 2 of my new Hourglass Program. This abs workout video targets your love handles and help you to lose that muffin top and get you closer to getting your abs visible.

☆Hourglass Program☆
Full schedule: https://www.chloeting.com/program
Episode 1 – Small Waist Round Butt – https://youtu.be/eKzG6Prq_wE
Episode 2 – Muffin Top Workout – This Video
Episode 3 – Booty Burn – https://youtu.be/9SuTAxJGQuY
Episode 4 – Booty & Legs – Releases 9th July

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kasia borowicz says:


✔️Day 1: I did it! But unfortunately with many unexpected breaks, the hardest ones for me are of course the ones with side planks, because my arms are really flabby and not strong at all, but I promise I'll keep pushing. Also I often do 10 minute ab workout by Alexis Ren (which I find way easier than this one) and 10 min sixpack workout by Pamela Reif so I hope this three will give me what I want! 😉 PS I don't have abs already, my upper belly is rather flat but I need to work on waist and lower belly 😋

Rabia Kakkae says:

I'm on day 11 of this workout 😍 and i love how fast my body is showing changes. I've also done 2019 summer shredding challange ❤❤ i love her videos

Park Jimin says:

I just simply dont get the plank twists…

lærke231 says:

Me: Dies right after starting the workout
Chloe: non-sweating angel all the way through

Crystal kusuma says:

Is it weird that my legs keeps on sliding whenever I do the side plank and plank reach and can anyone help me to make me not slide, thankss 💜

Cori14398 says:

Since a lot of these are not up here , I’m gonna tell you guys day by day how my progress is going. I’m also incorporating the skinny waist hourglass workout from Vicky justiz.

As far as my physique goes I have a little bit of muffin top

Day 1: kept stopping lmao but I’m definitely sweating , and I can definitely feel it in my abs.

Park Jimin says:

i really dont get the plank twists
ugh wtf

Lucille Zorn says:

Okay seriously who
WHO does 3-4 workouts like these in a row?
I'm already a sweating alien-like creature after only doing one

K Y says:

in so much pain 😅

Park Jimin says:

i. dont. get. the. plank. twists.

바나나스 says:

Day 1 : ✔️
Decided to do the summer shred challenge!!

pinkcherri i says:

I really need motivation!! Ugh

Sophia Sideras says:

I love this workout, but I don’t think I’m doing the side plank reaches right cuz my shoulder popped out of place when I leaned the wrong way 😂😂😂 so imma skip it and just hold a plank for a minute haha.

Nursah Yuksek says:

Chloe: We’re about to swap to the other side and we’re not going to take any breaks so let’s get this done guys
Me: alright I can do this
Chloe the second I turn: Great work guys I hope you enjoyed this workout!
Me: (一_一)

Dreambelive07 says:

im in absolute shock that you are in your 30s??? you look like a teen!

Lilly says:

Idk… but this other lady seems to be copying your workouts…. look


Rena Tupe says:

How many calories do you burn? One round

bo BóūlThãíNøûCh says:

Chloe helpppppppp i'm suffering from cellulite😭😭😭😭😭😭

Park Jimin says:

Good luck everyone! You can do this <3

heej says:

Lovely workout, but i have bruises on my elbow 😂

andie anderson says:

idk if im doing it wrong but i dont feel my abs burning and its easy for me to do most of these i need help

Joody Maher says:

Gonna do this for a month with other leg workout and will update everyday(with results) 🙂
Muffin top area: 95cm
(Note: I'm on Keto diet)
Day1: ✅
Day2: ✅
Day3: ✅ , I found that my muffin top area decreased by 2 cm, it's 93cm now!! yaay
Day4: ✅ , the workout seem to be much easier than the previous three days 😀
Day5: ✅, the workout is much much easier than yesterday.
Day6: ✅

Cara Winter says:

Iˋve been doing your Workouts For a view weeks and I Love them. I Love the burn in these workouts! I’m not fat or something like that but in the beginning I hoped to get more sporty and maybe defined abs (because I have kind of a jelly stomach). As I said, I did them for almost 3 weeks, every single day (sometimes also twice per day) and I feel much sportier, but I see no difference at my stomach. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to pay attention to something special?
Kind regards

prima Mia says:

if you know what freshman 15 is, that’s what happened to me after high school 😅 i’m really going to try this! i’ll keep anyone posted that needs motivation

Day one: COMPLETE 🔥
Day two: COMPLETE ❗️
Day three: COMPLETE 😈

Melissa Meza says:

This truly works I’ve been doing it for a week it’s my second week now and I’ve seen a difference I obviously still have a muffin top but a good amount went away within a week and im gonna do it for a month and hopefully i can be more confident in myself

Chloe Ting says:

Who's ABSolutely loving this new program?!?!? 🙋‍♀️ Let's get rid of those darn love handles & share your progress!!!!!