Home Beginners Workout for Butt, Legs & Thighs | Psychetruth Fitness Training Dena Austin

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Home Beginners Workout for Butt, Legs & Thighs | Psychetruth Fitness Training Dena Austin

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Home Butt Workout: Tone & Shape For Beginners | Psychetruth Fitness Training | Dena Austin

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KNM Clem Portman says:

@4:50 ''Oh thank you Dena''

Stoner734 says:

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Amanda Munoz says:

Definately. Feel the burn!

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Omg she's so beautiful.

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throwthetoastvll says:

The best workout ever, thanks!

Linzizzle18 says:

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4ad2be says:

I love slappin a strong butt!!! =)

Hailey Yeates says:

Woah thanks for the amazing work out! I diffs feel the BURN! (:

Maria Hoa Nguyen says:

Wow I really felt the burn big time!

ann's'music says:

i like it very much, and i felt the burn, just a question: is that enough to do the exercises as long as the instructor does? or we should do more ?

Geeky Guava says:

ahhh that was great!! thank you

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Dave Cichocki says:

Ive been using deanas 8 minute cardio butts and abs and I love it!  I think its her calm voice and motivation that keeps it fun!   You have my Favorites!!!!!!!

lee xinni says:

OMG!! So tired..

Melanie Kent says:

Felt the Burn! Perfect beginner workout for the butt legs and thighs.. I always either find someting way to hard or too easy.. this is perfect for now! thanks!

Talyn has time says:

This looks so weird out-of-context.

Reka Punkosti says:

Hi Dena, 
Thank you!!!
I can feel that burn wowwwww

Колька Пепси says:

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Donna White says:

I feel the burn