Grow your legs and BUTT| The #1 BEST exercise

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Just wanted to share my opinion on what I think THE best exercise is when it comes to building great legs and big glutes.

As long as you make sure to work on your mobility to have a good, solid and consistent form. Squatting is a fantastic exercise for overall lower body development.

I recommend filming yourself from the side and back so you can then improve your technique after.

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diane mainiero says:

For god sake

edoart20 says:

Youur body is perfect, no More lose weigh, already Is perfect……

Ovidio Vela says:

You are HOT as HELL

Diego Alcántar says:

Omg beautiful man

Mert Cameron says:

Thank you. You are so beautiful handsome manly perfect beautiful butt love every muscle on your body. I wish I could meet you. I have Muscular Dystrophy and wish I could work out with you. I love you very much. Take care Mert. Please contact me to talk. Hugs. Mert Cameron.

Kohl Kovet says:

Your technique when it comes to squats is superb

Lucas Samuel De Almeida Fernandes says:

Very very good my friend…

Elmer Mena says:

Excelente brother eres gran ejemplo de disciplina y buen trabajo

Antonio concurseiro says:

I got an Hernia doing deadlifts so idk if i can do it anymore…. what a pitty

April Lee says:

Are you single?

mikewai2008 says:

Should your knees pass your toes bro? You could be damaging your knees.

Justin Wilhite says:

I like what you said about asking questions. I do the same thing and its helped me get stronger

Techno Fighter says:

You have a super ass… You know that. 😉💪👈

paul white says:

How do you shift emphasis off your knees and to the hamstring and glute

Origin Maxwell says:

Rico cuerpo de macho

Francis Courbron says:

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