Grow your Glutes- Exercises for a BIGGER BUTT and hamstrings

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These exercises are just great for overall glutes, hamstrings and even your lower back development IF you do the exercises correctly.
To prevent injuries and maximize your results I always recommend to start very light, film your movement, analysis and improve your technique and slowly add weights over the weeks and try to always better your movements: There’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

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jp san says:

You are the yummiest guy on YouTube, I’m a member of your only fans

Aarón Gonzalez says:


JJ Quintan says:

Hey man for deadlifting do we lift with our back or out leggs ?

Tara Williams says:


Darius Shaw says:

I am working on it don’t know how to do those weights though only 20lb dumbbells lol have to loose weight to achieve this goal trying at least

Kev F says:

He's so cute, the girl that is gonna be with you would be very lucky… She better do her best😎😌

arthurcaccam says:

Just a reminder: just be extra cautious because you have a tendency to round your back on heavier weights.

Will aware says:

You're a hottie 🔥nice body and… 🍑🍆


Woww hottest men of the world 😍😍

Dario Daniel says:

you are amazing…. look so good… congrats beautiful men!!!

Aizen K says:

Running uphill and doing squats everyday would also do the work. Trust me 'cause butt is the only thing that's prominently big on me lol