GO FROM WEAK TO BIG STRONG GLUTES | Booty Building Exercises

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1. a) DB Banded Glute Bridges 4×10-12Reps
1.b) Elevated Glute Bridges 4×15-18Reps
2. Banded Squat + Kickback 4×8-10Reps
3 Banded Bulgarian Split Squat 4×8-10Reps
4. Banded Squat Pulses 4×8-10Reps
5.a) Banded Sumo Hip Thrusts 4×10-12Reos
5.b) Banded Sumo Squats 10-12 Reps


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Veronika Viva says:

Love these videos! I appreciate the way you explain things, it helps really click for me! Your content is great, thanks Lucy!

Jennifer C says:

Lucy awesome booty exercise. Cant wait to try this in the gym!!

Jennifer C says:

How many pounds for the weights?

Lili Vt says:

Thank you for another great video Lucy!!!!

devin hawkins says:

Still looking sexy sweet heart

Bust it op3n23 says:

ight lucy imma need them resistance band lol😂😂 next pay check whos your mama??🤷‍♀️😂

Vanessa2001 says:

Amazing video! What if I do not feel my glutes when I do hip thrust even if I pre-fatigued my glutes ?

Brooke Bailey says:

Where are your leggings and sports bra from? So cute! Thanks for the workout

Shayy Butter says:

ouuu girl, youre booty looking PLUMP! 🙂 I see youre trying out planet fitness

Christine says:

Thank you so much for your informative and effective videos. My booty has definitely popped after doing all the exercises in each video that I have followed for my booty/leg day workouts. Also, I followed one of your videos for back exercises and I felt it the next day, but in a good way. I definitely activated the right muscles. Booty day is my favorite workout day!

Just Chrissy says:

Id love to see a video about lean bulking and cutting how you do both. Cause i want to loose fat before trying to grow my glutes but then how far should i take it and how do i know when to do each thing and how much should i be expecting to grow in strength in the gym to make sure im gaining muscle not fat, how often to workout , cardio ect. Thanksssss🥰

W001 says:

Can you vlog more or do more personal videos? I think it would be cool to get to know you more if you do a Q&A 😄

Stephanie Kumar says:

Loved this video! So informative and interesting to watch!

Syarina Hamsudin says:

Great video and sharing, Lucy!👍💓 Love how you explained the importance of resistance band cuz I've been using free weights, and I only notice little results. I've added the fabric resistance band to cart just now😂
Do you mind to share your warm up and cool down exercises video after this? Thank you! Already subscribed to your channel and looking forward for your next informative contents!😀

It's a Bunnay says:

Lucy could u do a video on barbell padding? I’ve used matt foam with barbell paddings for my barbell hip thrusts but the heavier I go the more it starts to hurt. I feel like the padding no matter how thick it is isn’t enough. Am I the only one who has this issue?

N M says:

I love cloth bands I only use the rubber bands for below my knees and for arm resistance workouts. They never work for above the knee sadly.

Tanielle Powell says:

Girl you’re looking great! Keep up the good work!! Love from another fitness youtuber ❤️

Kayla M says:

I would love a video on excercises that would give quick LEG gains. I have no problem building the booty it's the legs that never change for me

Bejay Nutrition says:

Lovely workout.

Kindly support a small youtuber . Kindly subscribe to my channel

yan to says:

Are these exercises only for activating the glutes n not main exercise?

Triny Le says:

I really enjoyed watching your video! This video is very educational which is something we need more! Defiantly subscribing to your channel! Can’t wait to watch more videos💗

Gina Kim says:

After a year of working office job my lower back was really killing me. Started doing a lot of glute exercise and now I can bend over and pick up stuff from the floor without having to hold on to something nearby as a crutch and make a grandma sound lol and I’m only 31!! Damn

kimchee80 says:

does anyone know of a youtuber who had a small butt and built up with exercises? i was hoping for a before photo. It seems like you had a substantial booty to begin with. maybe i'm wrong? I have a typical flat and small asian ass and i just can't seem to grow that booty!!