GLUTES – Anatomy of a BUFF DUDE

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Top 5 Best Exercises for building big GLUTES:

Deep Squats
Glute Bridges
Walking Lunges
Bulgarian Split Squats

Here we go dudes n’ grrrls – The Anatomy of a BUFF DUDE. Want to know how to build big glutes? In this video we go over function, form and the top 5 exercises to build that ASS – BUFF DUDE STYLE!


Stay tuned because we’ve got videos on how to build your chest, & back on the way. Hell yeah.

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Written by Brandon & Hudson
Directed & Edited by Hudson
Starring Brandon, Duke & Hudson
“Cavedude” Voiceover by Michael Driscoll

Buff Dudes “B” by Brandon
Pixel & Anatomy Dudes by Joao

Music courtesy of YouTube Creator Studio Audio Library except
the song “Epic Hip Hop” which was used with permission from AudioJungle.

Burning Panda MilkShake HD says:

Guess we can now call them…butt dudes XD

Gordon Ramsay says:

Using quad dominant exercises to build your glutes will get you nowhere .

Dr X says:

….lol…your ass

Akshara sonam says:

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Rakib Hasan says:

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Julio says:

Buff Dudes? More like BUTT Dudes, if you ASSK me

Tabutany Rop says:

You earned this subscription.. awesome editing! Great, informative, funny, very well done!!

Bitter Comments says:

Definitely gonna give the Bulgarian split squat a try. Great advice as usual 👍

Wesley Wilson says:

Just an fyi is been scientifically proven squats don't really target the glutes that much. Too many muscles involved. Thrusts etc much more activation. Just sayin. Same for dead lift, where the glutes are in the strongest position, your at the top so no load 🙁

Jim says:

Ugh lunges are awful. I know they're effective but they hurt so damn much!

ugly shoe says:

9:18 heaven

Lootbox says:

3:35 Nice Army of Darkness reference

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

This is mgtow

Makito Bredy says:

Deep Squats 1:55
Deadlifts 3:30
Glute Bridges 5:00
Walking Lunges 6:05
Bulgarian Split Squats 7:23

Usuaria86 says:

I'm a girl and I'm addicted to this channel <3

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

What do you think of men's rights?

Starr Stewart says:

just got instructions from Unflexal and I'm ready for the my training 😀

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

Have feminists gone too far?

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

Do you make more money the more comments you get?

Gregory Barseghyan says:

never skip ass day

WhyTheHorseface says:

Blew out my knees before I was able to build up my glutes. Wahhhh.

Gulam Ahmed says:

i came to watch douche bro 8:44 again in 2018

JeCa Cava says:

No homo? How about those leggings?? Omg! You're so Silly!!!😂😂😂

baba3styler says:

you mirin bro

Daniel Alvarez Vlogs says:

this is epic shit!

PapiDarko says:

fuck lunges man… fuck them straight to hell where they were made

Hulk Every day beastx says:

Great video guys

Prateek Verghese says:

The bit with douche bro is comedy gold.