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Want to make this a full body workout? Do this along with my Upper body workout also only using a cable machine ▼▼

Hope you enjoyed the workout!!

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Exercises mentioned are listed at the end of each video (:


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לי היימליך says:

wow, that's a great video!

Moonlight Babe says:

Do you do all of these in one day?

Mimi Romeo says:

Workout killer. You are one and only for me for now I would say

Daisy Luna says:

YASS B MAKE ME THICCKKK 😂 I needed more workouts and I always come to your page !

Troy Nix says:

Great video, truly an inspiration for many out there aspiring to be healthy

ingrid shaggie says:

10 exercises so many ?
I think i am dead if i do all of the exercises 🙂
And how long you are at the gym

Jessica XOXO says:

Is that an Equinox? The mood and aesthetic in that gym is so serene! (Also, AMAZING workout, will be using this!)

Henni says:

Are you suppose to feel pull throughs in your lower stomach as well? Cause I usually do and I’m not sure if I’m working the room right muscle…please help😬

Joselyn Hernandez says:

love this! so helpful babe… thanks!

Jen Zambrano says:

How many times a week should i do this kinda of workout ?

Valentina Miranda says:

really love this video and it was STRAIGHT to the point! what time do u usually go to do ur workout??

erick saenz says:

I'm in love 😍 😍 😍

Suba bishwokarma says:

Nice information 😍

Simple Truth says:

Thank you so much for this! I just joined a gym that has this piece of equipment and I didn’t know how to use it to the max…this is everything!

Chubbi Turtles says:

How many years have you lift weights

JMO - Just My Opinion - Classy says:

Wide leg/sumo cable squat – do you go heavy or not on the weight?