Get That Booty & Toned Legs 🍑 Effective Glute Workout at Home

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It’s the 2019 Summer Shred Challenge! This is a 15 mins home based booty workout to help you get that round butt from home. No jumping and no equipment needed, great for beginners. Get that toned legs and booty!

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TheMaliciousSmurf says:

just did this and it's amazing! <3 thank you, i needed a good sweat

Abby Funkhouser says:

My poor glutes 🔥 thank you Chloe for the motivation!

Abby Funkhouser says:

I like to take it up a notch by strapping ankle weights 💪✨

Nyx Silao says:

📍 18 Yrs Old / Philippines
📍Measurements ⤵️
Height: 5’3
Weight: 59 kg
Waist: 28 inc
L/R Thigh: 20/21 inc
L/R Arms: 11 inc
I’m feeling excited to do this tomorrow because it has been a while since my last workout.

Day 1 ✅ I got happy for set 1 to 3 thinking there is no mountain climbers involve in this workout but hold on!! when Chloe thing said ”the next workout is mountain climbers” my immediate reaction was “Chloe? really? I was having fun while I’m dying to finish this workout and you’re telling me this????! you know I love you, but I hate mountain climbers!”
But it didn’t stop me there!! ah-uh! not today MC (mountain climbers) not todAYYYY!

Day 2 ✅ Yah really thought, that I’m gonna give up after finishing the workouts for day 1? NOOOPE! I’m still alive and kicking! but barely breathing! Hahahaha 😂 well, let me tell you this…. this freaking workout is a beast! she is a killer!

Wrapping today’s workout with your plank challenge! A great start for the first day of the month (it’s May first here in the Philippines!)

Me after doing 4 workout videos: “yo abs! hi there!!😂”

Day 3 & Day 4 ✅ When I first tried out the ep2 I was weak while doing the plank twist that’s why I have a lot of 3 secs breaks each side, but today I was able to finish the plank twist both sides without mini breaks.

I would end my workout for this whole summer program with Chloe’s plank challenge workout.

I combined workouts for day 3 & 4 did 2 sets of plank challenge since I wasn’t able to workout yesterday due to a hectic schedule.

Day 5-7 ✅ wasn’t able to do the workouts on time because of college requirements. but I finished the workout from day 5 to 6. And I’m so happy since I have finished the first week of this workout program!

Day 8-12 ✅ I did most of the workouts from day 8 to 12 except for the Full Body Fat Burn (for day 8 & 12) and HIIT Workout (for day 11) since I was already exhausted from all of the abs workouts I did plus on top of that I did the plank workout for 6 times. In short, today’s workout is more on the core and upper body. I would probably do the missed workouts tomorrow.

Day 13-14 ✅ I interchange the workout schedule for these days. I took the day off on day 13 since my upper body is so sore from the three hours workout yesterday. Then proceed to the workouts that were scheduled on day 13 and did it on day 14

Day 15 ✅
Day 16 ✅ After the scheduled workouts I also did the plank workout. Though these past few days I was craving for something sweet that’s why I ate few chocolates and ice cream.

Sparky H says:

I am honestly so thankful for your workout videos. I strugle to lose weight for so many years now, and its finally working. Im using your videos now for about two weeks and so much has changed!
I am also quit scared to post my progress, because weight has always been a difficult supject for me, but i think it will help me, so here we go.

I started with 95 kg on my body and a height of about 162 cm. I am 19 years old and from Germany.

Chest: 113cm
Waist: 98cm
Belly:111.5 cm
Hip: 111 cm
Thigh: 63 cm

Two weeks in, i am now at 92 kg, my Measurements are:

Chest: 110cm
Waist: 95.5cm
Belly:106 cm
Hip: 108 cm
Thigh: 62cm

It may not seem as a big difference, but for me it is such a great feeling. Seeing results is so woderful, so thank you so mutch for your videos!

Dora Dora says:

Just to be clear #chloeting…. I literally smashed the like button and liked all your videos…. and I mean ALL OF THEM! You deserve the support!

sofia diaz says:

omg, im in love with your workouts!

Lau says:

Age: 16
📍Location: The Netherlands
Weight: 59kg/130lbs
Height: 1,77cm
IG: @imlau19

Day 1: ✅ I completed the 1st day! I felt sooo good after, I always do your workouts, I really like the intense workouts you have. I want to take this challenge very seriously, we want that summer body right? 😋
Day 2: ✅ Really liked the AB workout, definitely felt the burn! Gonna fit this workout in my normal schedule, bc I really like it!
Im in love with your HIIT workouts, I do them almost everyday along with some stength training, but my body is a bit out of shape, (ya know… easter 😉 and I had an injury on my knee for a while but it's over now so I can focus more on working out more!
Day 3: ✅ I have to say.. this day was a bit tough to get trough, but I pushed myself to the limit! Feeling great
Day 4: ✅ Rest Day
Day 5: ✅Ooofff! That was a hard one, struggled a bit at the end, but I still kept going. 😎
Day 6: ✅ Went really well, idk if it’s just me, but I really like the after burn you get on your abs after working out. (:
Day 7: ✅ It said rest, but I still did some ab exercises for 20 minutes!
Day 8: ❌.. I skipped the workout, I was too busy with my exams, and I didn't had the time to workout 🙁
Day 9: ✅ I was sweaty as helllll ohmygoshh, still completed it tho, (i posted a picture on my IG: imlau19)
Day 10: ✅ It originally is a rest day, but I skipped day 8 so i did the workout from day 8 on this day, and it went realllly really wellll!
Day 11: ✅ Wow I love the Upper body burn! I never actually train my arms, so this was pretty rough, but I liked it a lot(; Not gonna lie.. I had a bit of a cheat day today.. kinda feel bad about it, but I’m back on track again with the healthy smoothies and oatmeal brekkies 😛
Day 12: ✅ Doneee, felt great and went really well.
Day 13: ✅ I’m deaddddd, I did the workouts and some cross training for 20 minutes, but I feel sooo damn good now ohmyyy.
Day 14 ❌rest day
Day 15✅ Went really well, wasn’t struggling at all (:
Day 16✅ I LOVEE the Upper body burn, idk why but I just love the feeling from the afterburn in my back 😜
Day 17❌.. Sorry just didn’t have the time to do a workout today.. I will switch up the rest days to even it out. I was really busy with my exams!
Day 18❌✅…

Suha Salem says:

Thank u always chloe ♥️

Amy Dakin says:

I can't wait till I give this a try

julia petrou says:

I love this workout 🥰

Feel Biscuit says:

Please make more exercises with dumbbells!!! Ive found others on YouTube but they’re never as good as Chloe’s lol

Feel Biscuit says:

very naive of me to assume this workout would be easy

Noemy says:

Hi Chloe, just wanted to let you know that I started your Lean Thigh challenge, I'm on day 6 and after doing almost an hour of workout I can say that I am exhausted aha!
I have a question since day 4 I feel a pain in my left hip, and sometimes it hurts so much I actually have struggle walking bc it burns so much, but if I ignore the burn and keep walking I don't feel the pain anymore..
Is it just because i'm sore at this place or maybe i'm doing some exercise wrong?

Hope to get your answer soon!

karina revenko says:

Body goals girl 🔥

The Holy Quran says:

If I could just lose my thigh fat 😱😱

Linh Hoàng says:

Day 15 and I died a little 😂 it was hard

Chloe Ting says:

Time to get that BOOOTAAAAY! 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
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