FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Monday – Friday Fitness Routine (vlog)

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FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Running, Booty, Abs, Yoga, & More (vlog)

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Jawa says:


GoVerdigo says:

Totes inspired! I have a membership but haven't figured out how to get in. Love the list idea. Thank you!!

MeSavanna says:

I love this video! It gave me a very positive vibes and made me want to do some yoga or meditate. One thing i struggle with is motivation… How do you stay motivated??

Sahil Chaudhary says:

Check this out (gym love story)

Sun gazer Sal says:

omg what's the name of the last track? it's amazing

Madeleine Pousar says:

Im so jealous of your body! I'm having a hard time with the gym and the food right now. I have cut down on sugar a lot. I eat it maybe two times a week and before I ate it everyday in some form. I'm meeting with a PT on wednesday maybe it will help 🙁

Alpha Montano says:

I will do this as well. And post on my channel.. love it

Salbart Treid XXK says:

how can know song name?


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Gardo Fuentes says:

Can you do a dance fitness video?

Sachin Raw says:

Love from India

Breona S says:

For those who have gym anxiety: I had it like 2 days ago before going to the gym for the first time and when I went in for the first time I honestly loved it and don't worry if your anxious about looks , everyones minding their own business trying to reach their goal just like you , I recommend bringing a buddy at least for the first time because you may be confused on what to do and how to do it. Ive been going alot recently and honestly it exciting and has made me like working out

Justine says:

couldn't stop looking at her upper teeth throughout the intro. looks like she's had veneers put in and they are wrong for her mouth.

Sharmella Krishnasamy says:

Before this, all the gyms i joint in the past, on the first day the on of the trainers will measure our height, weight and BMI. We have a member biodata card about their health details. Then, they will take us to every machine to demonstrate on how the all the machines function and how are we suppose to workout on them. Some gyms had a 3 months contest to see how much weight we lose. First they take a picture, after the 3 months, they take another picture of their customers. They pin up the pictures on the boards to motivate others too. We are a given a small towel too for very visit. A bigger towel if want to use the steam room. All these happened in Clark Hatch Fitness just for rm90 per month. The best fitness i have ever been.

Danielle Spurio says:

a 5k is 3.1 miles!!

Yasmine Elmi says:

You remind me so much of that girl from the Jonas Brother series LA, Jo’s girl friend that does the zombie movie with him 😂😂 respect to anyone who knows who I’m talking about

Aisha Imani says:

Yes! My stomach hurts when I go to the gym at nights. That's about the same time I went yesterday

Raushan Melton says:

You look so good and SO HEALTHY! Love to see your progress.

Noah Underwood says:

Still not thicccc

Siti Nur Izzah says:

Love thissss so satisfying 😭😭❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

Erin Smith says:

I’m literally at the gym and don’t know what to do

Cyndy Acosta says:

Hey Renee! You’re so motivating! Tomorrow is my first day back at gym in two weeks and I needed some motivation and stumbled across this video, I really love your personality and I can’t wait to watch more of your videos, I miss doing yoga, my gym’s classes don’t work well with my work schedule but if you have any YouTube gurus that you wouldn’t mind sharing that would be lovely, also i must buy that running belt!

Lily Galps says:

Girl where are your sliders from they are so cute!!

Marcella Ramirez says:

Thank you for making this video! Pure inspiration! You inspired me to make a list and take it one day at a time 💪🏻