Full Body Cardio Workout at Home for Beginners, 10 Minute Exercise Routine & Fitness Training

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10 Minute Full Body Fat Burn Cardio Workout at Home Fitness Exercise Routine & Fitness Training
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10 Minute Full Body Fat Burn #Cardio #Workout at Home #Fitness Exercise Routine & Fitness Training

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Mismatch says:

Thank you so much for this! I start it today and I hope to do it at least once every day! Now if only the ceiling in my apartment wasn't so low… (Basement apartment, haha)

Yary Baez says:

I just started this work out this morning it was awesome work out I feel the burn all over

Helena Bowles says:

I'm a 46 year old, obese woman wanting to get more active. I left work a year ago after spending my life working on my feet and moving around. Since then I've been sitting around and I'm starting to notice the muscle degradation, especially in my legs which has lead to pain in my right knee – it's crunched for a few years but only started hurting after I became less active (probably due to a weaker quadriceps unable to stabilise the patella). This was a great first workout for me – I did Sun Salutations as a warm up and found all the exercises doable. Had to be careful with my right leg during the squats because of the knee pain when my weight cycles through the joint but otherwise exactly right for someone with pretty much zero fitness level (and poor motivation!). I was slightly breathless at the end and could "feel" I had activated a lot of muscle groups and raised my heart rate without doing any over work out of the stable. I'm impressed and I recommend this for anyone who needs to get started but is in poor physical shape. Thanks Nicola, I've subscribed.

Helena Bowles says:

Ack, why can't you edit comments on Youtube? I meant, Thanks PsycheTruth – I'd just read the comment below mine and somehow typed that name instead!

Adrienne Jones says:

what can i use on my extra cushion yoga mat to prevent sore from hand. It feels like hands has to carry all weight on hard floor when i do mountains, jump on it, etc…. It doesn't matter how much cushion yoga mat I used, I feel hard floor on my hands if pressed hard

نواف الحربي says:

شكراً لٓكـي tnkyo

Bobby Woodall says:

I am just starting to try and get in shape again and lose this weight and I just wanted to say I found this video to be easy and simple perfect for any beginner. Also I loved the calm relaxing music in the background!

Brittany Callaghan says:

I just started this today, I am 20 years old and have been overweight most of my life. But recently have come into health issues because of it. I am determined to stop the cycle here, and be serious about my health! Thank you for sharing your video and helping people! 🙂

Fuzzy D Pozzy says:

awesome workout thanks:D

maddie says:

thanks so much for this video! <3 so easy yet effective!

Nora Khaled says:

great vid, i've been looking for an easy cardio, cus other cardio's vids are very hard. so, this visd is excellent as a beggining 💪💪👍

Elizabeth Wilkins says:

This is great for me, as a mum I found myself lacking in exercise :/ and this is a really great way for me to start back into the exercise. Along with my daily walk/run. It definitely got my heart rate up 😀

Rachael wilkinson says:

just found this. it looks quite straight forward which is good. I will be trying this out tomorrow before work. 🙂

Bethany Evershed says:

Good workout but it would be better if the instructor could actually do the exercises

Roxana Salazar says:

to get on shape how many time a week I have to do this?
I am very out of shape and energy. this exercises is hard for my lazy body and my brain says is ok.
let me know

Faith Saved says:

this is great. I'm gonna add this to my 20 minute workout that I made for myself. can't wait!

Yohannes T says:

Amazing and great. thank you
5 Star

Elvis Angel says:

will this stop the growth of my body Cus I'm only 14??

Lauren B says:

This is so good!!

Bree Berzerker says:

I loved this workout! Perfect for a fast morning routine and varied enough to get your whole body energized. I haven't worked out in years but recently was cleared by my dr to start regularly getting physical and this was the perfect intensity for me as a beginner couch potato but also for my bff who is works out regularly so we could do it together! Thank you so much!

Nym Scriven says:

I am overweight and really wanted to start exercising to get healthier. These exercises were easy to manage and I could feel my heart and muscles working. After the first session I feel great and will be doing this every day from now on. Thanks

KindCuteDiamond says:

please answer me. it is VERY important. how many calories do you burn from doing all the exercises in this video?

Buettner Burritt says:

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Sherryl Keith says:

Go to Unflexal workouts if you want to learn much more about workouts.

Corey Mcniel says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal website :)))

KrishnaChaitanya Gudimella says:

Thank-you Dena Maddie, very good work out, I liked this low impact exercise. Can you give us the link for warm up video you quoted at the beginning. Keep doing great stuff.

FatBoyRDG says:

This killed me

spirit standing creations says:

great little morning routine. thanks for sharing.

Nicole Feliciano says:

Love your video but your count down is a little too fast for me (especially for the pushups). I’m a beginner and so it’s hard for me to keep up with your speed

Erupt Sainty says:

This women an amateur at some of these😂I rate the effort of trying tho