Flat Tummy Skinny Abs Workout – 20 Minute At Home Fitness Routine For Beginners

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20 Minute Ab Workout to Blast Belly Fat & Tone Your Core! Home Fitness Routine for Beginners
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20 Minute Ab #Workout to Blast Belly Fat & Tone Your Core! Home Fitness Routine for #Beginners

Get those advanced abs working out in this total extreme ab workout for at home. Get intense lower abs in this how to get a six pack video ab exercises challenge with Tara Pagan.

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Michele Corwin says:

This is for beginners. Alot of stretching and breathing before, during and after

Tanya Singh says:

My first attempt and i could not do 1 hip lift, that she was doing for the most of the video. Crying in corner😭

Michelle SMK says:

Ok Slowly come down
ME: flopes to the ground

YTComps HD says:

I am a teen boy 15 years old and did this to try and after about 5 months i have seen some inredning results when doing these before rest of my workouts

Alondra says:

Her:Let’s do 20 this time

Manahil f says:

She is perfect 😍

Lee Jiah says:

my legs was so heavy i almost cant carry it

Johanna S says:

I like this a lot. Awesome supporting attitude. stimulation. Effective and still have wonderful breaks in between. Feels relaxed but demanding exercise. Thanks! 🌻

Nj Je says:

I did it till 17:30. It is cool actually, anyway I’ll keep do it every day for 01 week qt least and will write the update here🙏🏻.

freewithnature says:

If you’re not feeling anything you must have that disorder where you can’t feel pain cus gosh!! Totally was burnin and lovinnnnnn it!! 🤘🤘🤘

Elexis Gatewood says:

Is noone gonna tell her shes doing the leg raises wrong? Your back isnt supposed to come off the ground…

Always Emily says:

This is just my first day doing an ab workout, And my abs are killing! I think I may have pushed my limits 😂 xxx I feel really good though! 💪 So I think I'll keep on doing this!

Wubber Ducky says:

I'm doing this tomorrow

Murthy N says:

are you married

Serious Buddy says:

Who else is a fatass like me?

Daria Passarelli says:

You give me so much motivation and….it is really working!!!!!!happy!!

Gemma Bellamy says:

Watching this video I've just realized how worthit I am tbc I try my best but I just in still worthit I'm 8 years old and I'm 6-5 stone on a scale but in cloths I'm like 9-10 size and I've also reqlized my bigger sister is 14 and she is 6-2 scale and she buys cloths in size 8-7 and btw she is OLDER than me so I know I'm worthlit I ent even know how to spell worthit I wish I was my sis😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭(back to the video your amazing and how do you do that it's (hard)😖😖😖
I'm crying now!!!

Hannah says:

are anyone's hips popping at 13:59 and throughout that exercise?

Christine Daniels says:

wait wait wait wait…can we do it on our beds?

karin Jannatul says:

Please make a video on how to get rid of dark circles

Sabiriin Adan says:


Daria Passarelli says:

This woman is amazing…
Her tummy is my goal😂☺

Bekah T says:

This hurts just to watch but I'm going to give it a go when I get home today.

sraslagle says:

LIE down not lay down

Kaep Jjaeng boom boom says:


Oohh! I can see clearly your rib cage

Ilham M says:

Ill pass on this one too hard

PsycheTruth says:

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