Exercises for different GLUTES (Maximus, Minimus & Medius)

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As we have three muscles as part of your glutes, the Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Maximus, I have picked out key exercises that target each and every one of these three muscles, all so important for our mobility, stabilisation and range of movement.
People often focus more on the Gluteus Maximus and ignore the Minimus and Medius, which are so supportive of our lower backs and knees. It is crucial we work on strengthening the Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus in order to have happy and healthy hips, legs and knees for as long as possible.
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C at says:

Definitely will try! Thank you

Omar Ryan says:

Useful video, would be more useful to add the name of each exercise. Nice music by the way, Dj Twist as you mentioned! 😉

Fusion Fitness says:

Love the range of movement in this routine! Thanks!

Theresa Garber says:

I have been diagnosed with GTPS, which, at almost 70 years of age, is very painful and causes lots of problems, especially with sleeping. Andra, thank you for these glutes exercises. I have resistance bands and go to physical therapy, but I will add these exercises to my daily workouts. I appreciate your clear instructions and demonstrations. Have a blessed day!

Living La vida Simple LLVS says:

Great explanation!! Thank you so much! I got to workout on my medius!

tasha pina says:

on the side leg raises are u tightening the quad. or just raising leg???

Marjane Moghimi says:

Very good one !

little prince says:

very clear … thank you

barry hambly says:

Very good and interesting to see where the different glutes are just what I need to know and the exercises for them.
Thanks Andra should help my cycling

Dorado Lucky Dragon says:

I'm in love 😍

Gigi Face Glam says:

I am trying these exercises 3 times a week. Thank you so much for putting it together.
2:47 Exercises for Gluteus Maximus
5:37 Exercises for Gluteus Medius
8:01 Exercises for Gluteus Minimus

Taru To says:

Can you please make a video about how to fix uneven glutes and grow them equally

tbcntd says:

This is great. This is how all without
videos should be organized. 👏🏾😍