Exercise After ACL Surgery Part-1 | ACL Injury Exercises | Best Exercise After ACL Surgery

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BEST Exercises to be done After ACL Surgery. thanks for giving likes to our previous video made on ACL tear or ACL injury. friends in today’s video we will start doing exercises to be done after ACL injury or ACL surgery. so watch the video till the end. whenever you start exercises after ACL injury or ACL surgery then you should apply an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes before exercise and also apply it after exercises. this not only reduces the swelling but also makes the exercises easier for doing. along with that use a knee brace for keeping the knee straight also. this knee brace is given to you after surgery. if you are not using this knee brace then I have given the link for it in the description box. you can click over there and get it. friends after ACL surgery there are chances of getting stiff knee or the problem of stiffness in the knee are very high. And the knee doesn’t become straight. so today we will do exercise to prevent this problem. what you have to do is just take a towel of medium size. now sit in the position of long sitting and place the towel under heel after making a roll of it. keep the height of the towel such that your leg should remain up from the surface. means your knee should be above ground. now keep the knee joint relaxed and let your knee fall down due to its weight and gravity. this exercise prevents the development of stiffness in the knee joint. and helps in straightening of the leg. do this exercise starting from 2 minutes to 5 minutes 3 times a day. you should not stand up without knee brace up to 2 weeks after ACL surgery. you should also use it while walking. so friends start this exercise and do it regularly.
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