Dumbbell Only Booty Workout (Grow Your Booty At Home)

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Dumbbell Only Booty Workout (Grow Your Booty At Home!)

For all you lovely ladies who can’t get to the gym and have been asking me for a booty workout that you can do with ONLY DUMBBELLS… well, here ya go!

All you need is a mat, a bench (or sturdy chair/sofa), a booty band and a couple of sets of dumbbells (choose 2 x medium-heavy weight dumbbells & 1 heavier dumbbell).

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Hope you enjoy the workout 🙂


Shell x

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Summer Lemke says:

Love Love Love this!!!!! Thank you so much! I'd love to see more of these at home workouts, maybe some core focused, upper body, and even more booty one's? Thanks love

Emily J C F Diamond says:

Amazing! I just found your channel yesterday and honestly it’s been a lifesaver. I can feel my workouts so much more in my glutes now. I am a mummy of two tiny ones and I can’t go to the gym so I’d love some intense whole body workouts to tone up the core and the bum particularly. Thank u Xxx

Klara Murtinger says:

What band are you using? 🙂

Woman says:

Please, quads! Legs workout! Please!!!

Lolita Zavala says:

You actually did kept your promise of doing a home workout for moms who can't make it to the gym… You are fantastic

ladyfitness67 says:

Thanks. Great video. Upper Body using dumb bells and Bands, please.

K LOVE says:

Would it be enough to do that workout once a week and no heavy weights?

mrsmir says:

Absolutely fantastic!!!! New subscriber here & I'm a stay at home mom lucky enough to have an in home gym so I'm doing this workout with you & I hope you have more to come….i watched your other videos you recommend on this one & definitely opened up my 👀…wow!!! Thank you again & please keep them coming…i now have faith that I can transform my body without surgeries. God bless you 🙏💗🙏💗🙏💗👆

Amanda Haughton says:

Watching while I have my coffee, and I am tensing my glutes, haha!! Definitely going to be doing this workout later!!! Would LOVE to see an upper body workout that can be done at home. I am at the start (again) of my weight-loss journey, and I am working out at home until I can find a gym I like, that has the classes I want. These videos are super helpful!!!❤️❤️

Julia Andersen says:

I'm going to try this my next workout!

Sarah Zamir says:

Would write down the workout down @ the bottom of your video please so people can screen shot
Thanks a lot

Sis Tasha says:

Looks killer but I'm up for the challenge! Thanks, we love FOLLOW ALONG VIDEOS. YES!

Jenny P says:

Loved it. A back workout would be nice.❤️❤️

Alena says:

Cant wait to try this! I think this is the best "beginner" and home wokrout out there!

Veronica Hernandez says:

i really want the band when can i get it?

Clara says:

I love your videos 💕 I'm on ww in the UK 🇬🇧 and have 3 st to loose 😬 could you advise me on exercise as my weight drops? to minimise loose skin and reshape my body. Asking a lot of you I know sorry 💖

Yasmine Shereen says:

I really adore Shelly. That's why I just bought her program, and, I have to say, I love her emphasis on self-care and reducing stress–this aspect of her program is perhaps the most exceptional. It seems like a very solid system. However, I have two suggestions for improvement. One, the program only provides a very limited meal plan of a few items and maybe three -five recipes. I hoped for a more of a fleshed out meal plan. On the one hand, the simplicity is helpful, prevents a sense overwhelm, and allows for flexibility. But, on the other hand, I would like a little more direction. Two, and this is more of an issue for me personally, the pdf provides no links to workout videos, just a text description of what to do. I really like working out along with the instructor, and the visuals and verbal cues are so helpful (I don't recognize every move by its name, for example). Of course, she makes videos like the one I'm commenting on, but, for me, the advantage of buying the program is in part saving myself the time and guesswork of figuring out what I am to do specifically and how on a given day. Still, I'm so far happy with the program, I just think it has room for improvement.

Katie C. says:

Just found your channel today and I'm already six videos in, you are so real and honest about how to get things done the right way and I love it! I feel inspired and I have a lot more hope that I can get my body into the shape I want it to be. I'm so glad I found your channel, keep up the awesome work!

Christina Lacquement says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't afford a gym membership but I have everything I need for this in my garage.

Anastasia Ch says:

working out at home is essential for me (I live at least 45 minutes from the nearest gym…bummer) so I really appreciate “follow along” work-outs like this one! 👍
How often this one in particular should be done? And if done correctly, how long (approximately) does it take to see some results? 😁

Cori H says:

Thanks so much for the video! Love you and your videos! This is exactly what I need, I can’t wait to try it out!

janet cendejas says:

Oh my God!! Yaaass! Thank you girl. I was just thinking what home workout to do rn for my glutes… you read my mind! 👏👏❤

Pooja Jena says:

How much do your dumbells weigh?

Jessica Linnéa says:

Really good workout! I just uploaded an AB workout on my channel❤️

Anita P. says:

Thank you Shelley!

Isabel Tavizon says:

My glutes were burning just by watching the video lol.. can’t wait to try it out.

Alina Belousova says:

Thank you very much for the "at home" workouts. I'd like to see the one on the muffin top to do at home 😀

TheSilkyChris says:

Thank you Shelley, yes, I‘m a mum and can‘t make it to the gym several times a week. Could you do an inner thigh home workout? Including bands as well? Thank you and lots of love from Berlin!

Izabela K says:

That's awesome! Can you do some more at home workout routines, maybe legs, please. I'm mom of 2 and don't have 2 go to the gym.thank you